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The Real Ron DeSantis is Showing His Colors – Turning His Back on MAGA

Foreigners are getting behind DeSantis for President.  They like taking from the US and DeSantis likes their money. 

Rupert Murdock has reportedly told Ron DeSantis that he is behind Ron.  Murdock owns FOX News, The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal.  All of these entities hate President Trump and have been against him for some time.

Murdock is from Australia.

Elon Musk came to the US from South Africa.

Musk has made billions in the US with Tesla, SpaceX, and much more.  He too is behind DeSantis.

Musk bragged about the failure to launch on Twitter this week when DeSantis’s announcement crashed.

After what Twitter did to President Trump and the people of America, Musk now has the audacity to welcome President Trump to Twitter. An apology is in order. Worse than that, the leaders of Twitter should have been arrested for their actions working with the FBI.

The real DeSantis is showing his colors and he will take money from anyone showing his disdain for MAGA Americans. 

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