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The Persecution of Caitlin Clark and the Most Politically Motivated Athlete Attack in Sports History

The greatest women’s basketball player in history is being persecuted.  Here is the story of what is really going on. 

Caitlin Clark was not only an NCAA basketball phenom, but she was great in high school.  PBS prepared a short clip on the story of Clark when still attending Dowling High School in Des Moines, Iowa.

Clark went on to the University of Iowa and broke nearly every scoring and assist record possible during her 4-year career.

Immediately after setting the all-time NCAA women’s basketball career scoring record, Nike shared this ad.  It was one of the greatest ads in sports history, not only because it was aired right after Clark broke the record, but because it was great and it showed Caitlin Clark’s greatness.

Clark was drafted number one by the WNBA and this is where the persecution started.  Clark brought millions of new fans with her.  She is setting records at every outlet that plays her games and every venue where she plays.  It’s record setting.

Clark is able to set records despite playing for a terrible franchise (the Indian Fever’s Manager is nearly 80-years-old and looks more like a cake baker than a sports franchise manager), coach (Christie Sides is arguably the worst coach in sports in her second year as a head coach), and teammates who rarely pass Clark the ball.

Despite single-handedly lifting the WNBA to new heights in attendance and viewers, women playing in the WNBA are envious of Clark. They hate her. They have come out in games and physically assaulted Clark.

Experts in Women’s Basketball Say Caitlin Clark Is Being “Targeted” by “Entitled” WNBA Players

Adding to the persecution, Clark was not invited to the Olympics, despite have more threes than anyone selected to the team, and only one team member having more assists.

OUTRAGEOUS: Caitlin Clark Makes More 3s in WNBA in 24′ than Anyone on Olympic Team, Yet Brittney Griner with 11 Points Total YTD Makes Team

Clark and the team she inherited, the Indianapolis Fever, will play Phoenix and Olympian Diana Taurasi this Sunday.  Here is Taurasi’s comments when reminded that she will be playing against Caitlin Clark on Sunday.

The following video by Frank Michael Smith outlines the attack against Caitlin Clark since she joined the WNBA.  It’s very well done.  Watch this and judge for yourself.

Caitlin Clark handles all the attacks and injustice as well as anyone could.  She shows class in spite of being the recipient of the most politically motivated athlete attack in sports history.

2 thoughts on “The Persecution of Caitlin Clark and the Most Politically Motivated Athlete Attack in Sports History”

  1. I think I’ve told you before I’ve been watching Caitlin Clark since you talked about her about 2 months from the end of the college season, you were still on the TNT radio. She was fascinating to watch. And now in the WNBA the human nature part of it is interesting, the way she’s being treated. The game Friday night she should have had between 7 and 9 more assists. They either couldn’t handle the pass or they missed the layout. She also got herself open four times I counted and they’re not even looking to pass to her. I know at least one time she just threw her arms up in the air. I watched about a 25 minute recap of Big Ten championship of her sophomore year and the other girls knew how to get her the ball and they also knew how to receive a pass. I’m going to watch a few more games and if they don’t start letting her play like she can I’m going to lose interest and I think a lot of other people will as well my son’s already lost interest. Your show is always great Joe, say hi to Will he’s on 2 hours after you. Have a blessed day.

  2. Myself and many other’s that I know are done watching WNBA because of how the treat her. And many more will follow.


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