The Only Thing America Has Agreed on Over the Past Three Years Is ‘James Comey is a Crook’ – And He Doesn’t Even Know It! | Joe Hoft


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The Only Thing America Has Agreed on Over the Past Three Years Is ‘James Comey is a Crook’ – And He Doesn’t Even Know It!

Before the 2016 election conservatives despised the corrupt former FBI Director James Comey for letting Hillary off the hook for her many crimes surrounding her emails, then liberals were outraged when Comey opened Hillary’s email investigation a few days before the 2016 election. A couple days later, conservatives were again outraged when Comey closed that investigation, again with no crimes. After Hillary’s loss, liberals were back, mad as hell at Comey.

James Comey has been hated by all sides at various times over the past few years. Liberals hated him after the Hillary loss, blaming him for her loss. A few days before the 2016 election, liberals were preparing to blame Comey for her demise. A writer at Markets Watch had this to say on November 2, 2016, a few days before the election –

You think FBI head James Comey is a neutral law-enforcement officer just doing his job?

Think again.

Comey is no Eliot Ness, and he’s not your father’s G-Man. He is a long-standing Washington hack who has pocketed millions from federal contractors, a powerful hedge fund and a shady bank with a record of international money laundering. Yes, really. He has a career of trading “access” for money, and he is a donor to Republican political campaigns.

The liberal writer then complained that Comey three times swung the election to the GOP.

President Trump fired the corrupt FBI Director and later tweeted the obvious – “Slippery James Comey” “will go down as the WORST FBI Director in history, by far!”

This weekend the far left fake news New York Times released an article on the disgraced former Director of the FBI. It would funny if it wasn’t so disgusting –

James Comey slumps strategically in restaurants — all 6-foot-8 of him, drooping faux-furtively with his back to the room — and daydreams about deleting the civic-minded Twitter feed where a bipartisan coalition pronounces him a national disgrace.

He sleeps soundly — nine hours a night, he ballparks — and organizes the self-described “unemployed celebrity” chapter of his life around a series of workaday goals. “One of my goals has been to get to 10 consecutive pull-ups,” Mr. Comey said in an interview, legs crossed on the back porch of his stately Virginia home. “I’m at nine now. So, I’ve been doing a lot of pull-ups.”

He writes and thinks and reads and worries from a tidy downstairs office surrounded by the trinkets of his past: the White House place card from the night President Trump asked for his “loyalty” as F.B.I. director; a book by Nate Silver, the political data whiz who believes Mr. Comey’s explosively ambiguous letter in October 2016 about the Hillary Clinton email investigation probably handed Mr. Trump the election; a page from a quote-of-the-day calendar, saved for its resonance: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

“It reminds me so much of the F.B.I.,” Mr. Comey said.

But then, a lot of things have lately. Another Trump-branded election interference scandal is upon us. Institutions are wobbling. And Mr. Comey, as ever, cannot fight a nagging conviction about it all: James Comey can help. He must help.

“I feel stuck,” he said. “Like I can’t do something else. And I couldn’t look myself in the mirror if I went and did something easy.”

What he is doing, exactly, is not entirely clear even to him. Rather than proceed with the standard arc of an erstwhile intelligence leader — think tanks, corporate boards, studied political silence — Mr. Comey has pledged to spend the next 13 months working to drive Mr. Trump from power.

The former F.B.I. director, a lover of order, sees little of it in a norm-smashing president spiraling toward impeachment, riffing on “sick and deranged” Democrats at a recent rally and playacting the dialogue of F.B.I. officials like an insult comic. In this concern, Mr. Comey has ample company. In this company, he carries a kind of customized psychic baggage.

What absolute garbage. Comey is clueless. He is a joke, literally, and he doesn’t even know it.

In a few days the DOJ IG is expected to release a report on FISA abuse during the 2016 Presidential election. We know candidate and President Trump were spied on. We know James Comey was one of the individuals to sign off on FISA warrants that were fraudulent and unsupported. After this report, will Comey still be considered ‘a lover of order’?

Comey is the only thing that liberals and conservatives have agreed upon over the past three years. At least once, every American has believed James Comey was a crook.

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