The Only Crimes in the Mar-a-Lago Raid Were Committed by the Corrupt DOJ Led by Criminal Actors Pushing a Coup | Joe Hoft


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The Only Crimes in the Mar-a-Lago Raid Were Committed by the Corrupt DOJ Led by Criminal Actors Pushing a Coup

Americans are sick and tired of the grotesque and criminal actions committed by this corrupt and criminal government. 

The US government was contaminated and corrupted to its fullest extent under the evil Obama regime.  Yes, it was corrupt in many areas before Obama, but corrupt Obama took it to a level of evil never seen before in US history.

Obama gave billions to Iran.  He gave guns to the rebels that created the evil ISIS.  He overthrew Middle Eastern governments and put in their place leaders connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama overthrew the government in Ukraine and put in place a puppet.

The world was turned upside down by Obama but the US suffered even more.

Obama totally corrupted the DOJ.  The bad actors that moved up during the Clinton years took over the DOJ under Obama.  He welcomed it.

This group of bad actors made up a BS story against candidate and President Trump and used lawfare and the corrupt Big Media and Big Tech in the US in their attempted coup of the Trump Administration.   It didn’t work, only because President Trump was so strong and even more committed to saving the USA and bringing it back to greatness.

In a criminal act, these criminals running the DOJ raided President Trump’s home.  They took documents with them and left cover pages to make it look like the documents maintained by the President were classified.  The DOJ also doctored the documents.  This was a major crime.

They just won’t stop no matter how many crimes they have to partake in.

This week, Professor and attorney Alan Dershowitz shared his thoughts on the raid of Mar-a-Lago and the Deep State criminals in the DOJ and their case against President Trump.  In an oped at Washington Times, Dershowitz says the DOJ has no case.

Some think they should, as a matter of policy, formalize the declassification process so as to make it transparent. But absent such legislation, it seems clear that the authority to classify and declassify is an executive function, and the president is the executive. So if Mr. Trump did declassify documents that were then moved to Mar-a-Lago, mere possession of such documents would not be a crime.

The next question is, did Mr. Trump in fact declassify these documents? If he claims he did, it will be up to the government to challenge that assertion. It could do so in several ways. It could offer evidence designed to disprove Mr. Trump’s claim. But proving a negative — in this case, that he did not declassify the documents — is always difficult…

…The third basic issue, and the one that could determine the outcome of any criminal case, is closely related to the second: Who has the burden of proof on the claim of declassification? That is an issue of legal procedure.

In the usual criminal prosecution, the government has the heavy burden of proving every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. The status of the documents as classified is an element of crimes that prohibit the unauthorized possession of classified material. The government may claim that the question of whether documents once classified have been declassified is a matter of law to be decided by the judge. That is a weak argument under the Fifth and Sixth amendments and their history.

The bottom line is that if Mr. Trump or his lawyers allege — even without his testifying — that he declassified the documents, a criminal charge of unauthorized possession of classified documents would be difficult to prove. That doesn’t mean that a prosecutor could not get a grand jury to indict this particular ham sandwich. It does mean that it’s unlikely that a conviction against Mr. Trump would be sustainable.

Not to mention that the President has the Presidential Records Act and he can take whatever he wants when he leaves the White House.  The criminal Joe Biden had no such backing when he stole documents from the government while he was Senator and VP.

Indict Joe Biden.  Clean up the DOJ!




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