The Main Source for Christopher Steele’s Garbage Dossier Was Subject of Open FBI Counterintelligence Investigation But No One Told the FISA Court | Joe Hoft


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The Main Source for Christopher Steele’s Garbage Dossier Was Subject of Open FBI Counterintelligence Investigation But No One Told the FISA Court

The more we dig, the dirtier it gets. The major source for the entire effort to spy on candidate and President Trump was under investigation himself but no one bothered to tell the courts.

A week ago today the FISA report was finally released with more than 450 pages covering the crimes and broken policies the FBI and DOJ took to obtain a warrant to spy on candidate and President Trump. Each day since more and more information is uncovered and discovered as a result of the report.

One of the more shocking facts from the FISA report is that there was only one person who supplied information to Christopher Steele and he said that the information he provided was all garbage. The primary sub-source stated that his information came from word of mouth and hearsay and a conversation he had with friends over beers:


“In his interview with the OIG, Steele denied that his reporting on Carter Page resulted from work he performed on Russian Oligarch 1’s behalf. Steele described as ‘ridiculous’ any claim that Russian Oligarch 1 was involved in his reporting or influenced it,” the IG report said.

Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller reported –

Steele’s claim rested in part on his belief that Deripaska had “no contact with any of his sources” for the dossier. But Deripaska did have contact with a businessman who Steele told the FBI was an unwitting source for most of the dossier’s most eye-popping claims.

Deripaska and the unwitting source, Sergei Millian, were photographed speaking to each other on June 17, 2016 at an economic forum in St. Petersburg with Deripaska. Steele wrote the first memo of his dossier three days later.

Steele claimed that Millian, who is referred to as Person 1 in the IG report, unwittingly provided information to his main information collector, who is identified as Primary Sub-Source. Millian has long denied being a source for the dossier.

Steele’s primary source disavowed some of Steele’s reporting during an interview with FBI agents in January 2017. The IG report said that the source said that he shared “rumor and speculation” about Donald Trump and members of the campaign with Steele, who reported them as fact in the dossier.

The Crossfire Hurricane team failed to disclose the source’s derogatory comments about Steele in applications to renew surveillance against Page.

Priestap, the former counterintelligence official who oversaw Crossfire Hurricane, told the IG he saw “no indication whatsoever” as of May 2017 that Russia had funneled disinformation through Steele.

Steele’s sub-source was Sergie Millian (pictured above with former Senator John McCain). Millian’s comments were used for three years to spy on candidate and President Trump and to put the country through corrupt investigations as a result. It all was garbage, Comey, Obama, Mueller, the whole lot knew it was.

Now we see that the subject of the entire Trump sham, Millian, was under investigation at the time he was used as the main source to spy on Trump. He was “the subject of an open FBI counterintelligence investigation”. This was never shared with the courts:

The FBI and DOJ and all the operatives involved in the Trump Russia collusion sham lied and deceived the courts and the American people for three years. They were criminals put in charge of awesome powers to find and indict real criminals and they totally misused these powers.

Hat tip D. Manny

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