The Legal Argument in Soros-Backed Bragg’s Indictment of President Trump Is Dumb But the Accounting “Crimes” Are Even Dumber (VIDEO) | Joe Hoft


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The Legal Argument in Soros-Backed Bragg’s Indictment of President Trump Is Dumb But the Accounting “Crimes” Are Even Dumber (VIDEO)

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has it out for President Trump.  He wanted to get the President so badly that he was willing to push forward a bogus case that is total garbage.  The legal argument in Bragg’s case is dumb but the accounting basis for the case is dumber. 

Bragg released his case to the world on Tuesday and no one could see what the crime was.  Bragg then said that he didn’t have to say what the crime was.  This answer made caused lawyers across the country a reason to ask whether they heard that right.

The law requires that when you indict someone you tell them what their crime was.  This case does not do that.

The indictments were a series of accounting transactions that TGP discussed previously.

THERE’S MORE – Alvin Bragg’s Case Against Trump Shows Complete Ignorance and Manipulation of Basic Accounting

Here are the overall points that undercut Bragg’s entire case and they’re all related to the accounting actions Bragg identified in his indictment.

  1. The indictment relates to accounting activities in 2017.
  2. All took place in 2017 after Trump was President – he handed his company over to his sons before his Inauguration and they ran the company from that point forward.  They were running the company when these actions took place.  President Trump had nothing to do with them.
  3. Bragg claims that the 2017 activities somehow impacted the 2016 election.  How is this possible?
  4. All the 34 indictments say Trump “made or caused a false entry” – no CEO of a billion dollar company ever made an accounting entry in the company’s books.  The Accounts Payable Department would have made these entries.
  5. These are “Trumped up” charges for 11 pymts to allegedly Cohen – 11 invoices, 12 vouchers, 11 checks or wires
  6. Invoices are received from vendors – not made by anyone in Trump org – Trump has no control over these.
  7. No auditors would ever identify or make the claims made by Bragg – not on a billion-dollar business – these entries are so small they would likely never be found our addressed by an auditor.
  8. If these were issues then management would make adjustments but these adjustments would not impact taxes or income since they are alleging they were reported in the wrong bucket.

See a discussion of these items in the interview below with American Sunrise this morning.

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