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The GOP Presidential Primary Is Over While Biden Struggles to Unite Democrat Party

President Trump’s team released its Sunday Evening Note where it lays out the current status of the 2024 Presidential race. 

The Trump team reports:

The Republican primary is over. President Donald Trump has won five of five contests. It’s time to take the fight to Joe Biden.

Biden is struggling to unite his party. Democrat Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is unsure of what is going to happen on Tuesday’s primary with many far-left Democrats urging a protest vote against Biden.

Polling also shows that Biden is losing support among black and young voters. Even young voters that self-identify as Democrats aren’t enthused about voting for Biden.

Meanwhile, Laken Riley’s murder is a stark reminder of the deadly consequences of Joe Biden’s open border policies. Her killer should have never been in Georgia. Biden’s catch-and-release policy is a public safety threat.

Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.

Biden’s Michigan problem:

  • Democrat Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer acknowledged Sunday that she is “not sure” what Michigan’s Tuesday Democrat primary results will look like.
    • PBS reported that “Biden has an enthusiasm gap among some in his base.”
  • Democrat Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib is urging Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in a protest vote against Biden.
    • Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke is also backing the “uncommitted” vote push. He told a Michigan outlet that it “makes sense.”
  • Biden is struggling in Michigan and desperate to appease anti-Israel voters. His senior staff recently flew to Michigan to meet with a pro-Hamas activist.

Biden’s demographic problem:

  • A new Howard University poll shows that black voters are turning away from Joe Biden.
    • A Howard poll of Michigan voters “shows Biden’s support among Black voters has dropped to 49%, while former President Donald Trump’s support has ballooned to 26%, which is three times what he received in 2020.”
  • Meanwhile, political science professors at the University of Oregon write that “polling for the November 2024 election shows that President Joe Biden is struggling with young voters.”
    • “A December 2023 poll showed that 49% of young people supported former President Donald Trump, while just 43% of 18- to 29-year-olds said they preferred Biden.”
    • “Biden is even struggling with young people who identify as Democrats. A Fall 2023 Harvard Kennedy School poll shows that just 62% of Democrats aged 18 to 29 years old said they would vote for Biden in 2024.”
  • PBS’ White House correspondent Laura Barrón-López said recently that Biden is “having a lot of trouble with young voters and voters of color.”
  • President Donald Trump’s record of success appeals to all Americans. Bidenomics is making life unaffordable and his open border is making communities more dangerous.

Biden’s weak-on-illegal immigration policies have deadly consequences:

  • Joe Biden has blood on his hands. Laken Riley, a 22-year-old University of Georgia student, was killed last week by an illegal immigrant. The illegal immigrant, Jose Antonio Ibarra, crossed illegally into El Paso, Texas in September 2022 and was released into the country “via parole,” according to a Fox News report.
  • Joe Biden’s open border policies are deadly. Jose Ibarra should have never been released into the country.
  • A University of Georgia student told Fox News on Sunday that “we’re very upset that this could have been easily preventable, not only on campus with safety measures but nationally.”

President Trump dominated the GOP primary, it’s over:

  • President Trump has now won the Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire primary, Nevada Caucus, U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus, and South Carolina primary and all by double-digit margins.
  • Republicans are uniting behind President Trump and ready to take the fight to Joe Biden.
  • Senate Majority Whip John Thune endorsed President Trump on Sunday and said,” The primary results in South Carolina make clear that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in this year’s pivotal presidential election. The choice before the American people is crystal clear: It’s Donald Trump or Joe Biden… Our country cannot endure another four years of Bidenomics, continued lawlessness at our southern border, and American weakness on the global stage.”
  • Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan said on Friday: “From Day 1, President Biden has focused on reversing this historic record of achievement to the significant detriment of Alaskans. If re-elected, President Biden will continue his aggressive, illegal push to turn Alaska into a giant national park. For all these reasons, I am again supporting former President Trump for President and working with my colleagues to regain a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate.”

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  1. The ultimate “SUCCESS” will be true Justice. True justice is NOT “revenge” but is upholding a standard of fairness and accountability. Those who have not acted, adjudicated and legislated with the standard of fairness and accountability as defined by the U.S. Constitution ought to fear a “revenge” meted by true Justice!


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