The Gateway Pundit Joins Steve Malzberg on “Eat the Press” with a Special Guest

The Gateway Pundit founder and editor in charge Jim Hoft and his brother and Gateway Pundit writer Joe Hoft joined Steve Malzberg’s “Eat the Press” Friday afternoon at RT TV.

Steve Malzberg invited the Hoft brothers on his show to discuss big tech and media censorship and far-left bias:

Much of the media tries to make a police shooting in Philadelphia a racial issue, most notably CNN’S Chris Cuomo. Wait until you see what he didn’t tell his viewers. What happens if Joe Biden becomes our next President? Will he carry out the hard left’s radical socialist agenda, and what would it mean for the country. Dinesh D’Souza is here to discuss what the media won’t. And is CNN’s Jeff Zucker on his way out? Jim and Joe Hoft of The gateway Pundit will weigh in on that and more on today’s panel. With the election taking place next week, and the media telling us Biden has a big lead, Steve Malzberg will take a look back and show you just how wrong they had it in 2016.


See Jim and Joe with Steve at the 11:00 mark: