The Gateway Pundit – Attacked from All Sides, Slandered but Still Standing Tall! When Will Conservatives See Where Their Message is Shared and by Whom? | Joe Hoft


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The Gateway Pundit – Attacked from All Sides, Slandered but Still Standing Tall! When Will Conservatives See Where Their Message is Shared and by Whom?

This past year I watched as liberal demons attacked my brother, Jim, the Gateway Pundit, from all directions. Liberals have hated Jim for years because he is so effective but this past year they took it to another level. The most shocking aspect of all this was watching as so called conservatives joined in the attacks due to Jim’s love for President Trump.

I watched Jim start his website and see it grow. Jim had a desire to tell the truth. He received no income for years but did gain a following and some admirers. Little by little accolades came his way. One group from Israel, for example, liked what Jim posted and his support for Israel so they flew Jim and Andrew Breitbart and a few others to Israel to show them what Israel was up against in the Middle East. They even had the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Netanyahu. Jim proudly shows that picture on his website banner to this day. It was one of many proud moments Jim had as a result of his desire to share that truth.

Years passed and Jim became more successful. During the months leading up to the 2016 election The Gateway Pundit (TGP) was on fire. Jim had jumped on the Trump train early. Seeing that only Trump could beat the Hillary machine. No other candidate had a chance. Hillary’s challenger had to be an outsider who was bold, honest and willing to speak the truth about the Clintons and Obama, and Trump did and he won.

After the election TGP was rated the fourth most influential conservative news source during the months leading up to the election. Both Harvard and Columbia Journalism Review funded research (with money from the Soros Open Society) to find out what happened and how Hillary possibly could have lost. What they found was that conservative Americans whole-heartedly rejected the liberal media and went online and to social media to find the truth.

The university researchers found that The Gateway Pundit was the 4th most influential conservative news source during the election. (Behind Breitbart, FOX News and The Hill). Breitbart had a huge impact in stories read but TGP was not far behind. Matt Drudge and The Drudge Report were not mentioned in the study but Drudge is perhaps one of a handful of individuals, including TGP, to help push President Trump into the White House.

Jim was basically a one man show in those hectic months. A few others wrote some for Jim but it was mostly and entirely Jim. This man with the largest website by some measurements in the Midwest saw what only Drudge and few others did and now we have a President in the White House that is rated higher than Reagan was in his first year by the Heritage Foundation. No crooked Hillary as President thanks to TGP.

This set the demonic liberals on fire. They recognized that because of TGP tweets and Facebook shares his message and those of a few other leading conservatives were pushed to the masses and around the mainstream liberal media. The liberal’s first actions were to conjure up the word ‘fake news’ and use this in another of their belittling messages about conservative points of view. They conjured up a team of liberal entities who will determine what is ‘fake news’ and what is not. If you are conservative your stories are fake, if liberal they are not.

Next the socials began blocking and not sharing tweets, Facebook shares and YouTube videos of conservatives. To hell with free speech. I watched, investigated and discussed with Jim over the months since the election, the many ways that his stories were prevented from being shared through social media. We have records from before and after the election and these results are stunning. For example, we saw up to 25% of TGP’s traffic came from Facebook shares shortly after the election and it barely is at 10% now. We could tell when Twitter and Facebook set their goons on TGP posts. It was shocking that this would go on in America today.

Google too has done all they can to prevent the widespread sharing of conservative ideas by burying huge stories by TGP in queries where they should be first. Instead nearly every source in every search is a far left entity with some distorted crazy and dishonest liberal interpretation.

But the bigger hit that the socials have taken of TGP is in the pocket book. Google and Facebook have a duopoly in the market for internet ads. Together they own around 60% of all ads. They changed their practices to where conservative sites like TGP receive about 30% of the ad revenue they received before the election.

In addition, entities like the far left and dishonest Media Matters have tracked TGP and regularly post hit pieces from behind their Soros backed firewalls. They spread derogatory or fake news about TGP and do all they can to negatively impact TGP’s credibility. Even former close friends who morphed into Never Trumpers made up false stories about TGP doxing them. It seems like Jim was getting it from all angles.

In spite of all of this TGP had its best year ever in 2017! Generic growth carried TGP to new heights.

Jim’s been adamant about sharing to whomever will listen the injustice and anti-free speech actions being taken against TGP and other conservative media outlets. He held a remarkable presentation in Washington a few weeks ago where he and other very successful conservatives in the media shared similar concerns.

Then this past week Jim was notified by Pamela Geller, that CPAC would allow her to hold a panel discussion on the attacks on conservatives by the socials, but they said that Jim could not be on the panel because of his alleged ties with Nazis! What absolute nonsense! Outrageous!

Jim is the most upstanding and courageous man I know. He has been attacked from all sides. Now CPAC is refusing him to be on a panel, after forcing him to buy a ticket to get into CPAC to be on the panel, because he is a Jew hater?

When will conservatives wake up and see that if someone is attacked by lying liberals it is because they are effective. Whether it be Donald Trump, Andrew Breitbart or Jim Hoft, the left want to destroy conservative messengers rather than articulate clear answers to conservative arguments. Liberals lie!

All conservatives are being attacked. Liberals to this day report as if their viewpoint was the only viewpoint but President Trump crushed this narrative again and again and again. We now know that we are the super majority! When will conservatives at CPAC understand this and wake up to how conservative messages are most effectively being shared and by whom?

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