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“The Fine Itself Violates the Constitution” – Attorney Dershowitz

The corrupt case against President Trump in New York by the corrupt Soros-backed Letitia James and the fine given by the crazy corrupt Judge Engoron is unconstitutional. 

Harvard attorney Alan Dershowitz shared on Newsmax:

Saying the recent fine imposed on former President Donald Trump is unconstitutional, Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax on Thursday that the perpetual lawfare of Democrats and Republicans “is just not good for America, when either side does it.”

Last week, Democrat Judge Arthur Engoron imposed a $364 million fine on Donald Trump, in a financial fraud trial bought by State Attorney General Letitia James, for what the judge ruled was a scheme to dupe banks and others with financial statements that inflated the former president’s wealth.

Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans are trying to determine if they have the grounds to impeach President Joe Biden for his alleged ties to China via his brother James Biden and his various business dealings.

The entire country other than radical liberals believes knows this is the case.

We have seen four Americans killed on Jan 6 at the Capitol, all Trump supporters.  We have seen the media lie and say five Capitol police officers died that day.  We have seen the liberals and RINOs steal the 2020 Election and certain races in 2022.  We have seen inflation skyrocket and terrorists allowed into this country via the Southern Border

Now they are going to throw President Trump in prison on non-crimes and steal all his assets.

This is not America.  This is a fascist hell. 

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