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The Entire World Knows Obama Is Behind the Destruction of America

Barack Obama is behind the destruction of America.  The whole world knows it. 

General Michael Flynn called out Obama today:

Sir, you are the “raw sewage,” you are the greatest of all disinformation mouthpieces, you are the one that started America on this road toward socialism.

It is you @BarackObama that created the incredible levels of divisiveness within our country. Instead of speaking for strong black men and strong black families and all American families during your 8 years in office, you furthered us on this horrible path of race baiting and name calling.

You and your many lefty associates used words and phrases like deplorable, irredeemable, racist, cultist, far-right, conspiracy theorists, dictator, confederates, election deniers, COVID deniers…all of these and many more, chosen intentionally to destroy the fabric of our culture and our society.

I’m sorry Barack, but you’re the one in the wrong here. If you were true to American values, ideals, and principles, you would back off the controls you have over this White House and speak out about the destructive nature of globalism and socialism!

I won’t hold my breath waiting for you. Americans have awakened to the destructive nature of your presidency and thank God, that good will triumph over evil.

Merry Christmas and I’ll pray for you as we go into this new year, a year of historic consequence for America, a year where your vision for America will be put into the rear view mirror of history.

God Bless America!

Below is General Flynn’s tweet and a video of Obama outlining his total corruption that starts with the lie.

Others chimed in on General Flynn’s tweet.  One individual shared the Obama gang’s crimes during the transition after Hillary lost the 2016 Election.  Obama and gang said out loud that the transition would be peaceful while behind the scenes they were spying on President Trump and General Flynn and others and creating lies to hurt Trump and his team in any way possible.

Another individual shared the presumed hierarchy of command.

Barack Obama is a villain. 

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