The DOJ Can’t Indict President Trump Because He Legally Maintained Documents in His Possession that Were His Right to Maintain | Joe Hoft


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The DOJ Can’t Indict President Trump Because He Legally Maintained Documents in His Possession that Were His Right to Maintain

The DOJ can’t tell President Trump what crimes he committed by maintaining documents from his time in office because there are none.  It’s all a ruse to cover for Biden’s numerous crimes. 

President Trump had every right to take with him whatever documents he wanted when he left office in January 2021.  It’s the law.  This was settled when Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that President Bill Clinton to take whatever documents he wanted with him related to his time while President.

But the corrupt Biden DOJ wants to charge President Trump for taking documents with him when he left office.   This is all a lie.

Conservative Treehouse reports on how the government wouldn’t help his pack his documents when leaving the White House but then claimed he was sloppy when he left which is why they contacted the DOJ.  It’s all BS.

…despite the standard process that has been in place for the prior four administrations, the NARA refused to participate in the collection of any documents from the White House during the transition phase following the November 2020 election.

The NARA refused to assist in the collection of the Trump records for national archive holding and review, and then the NARA triggered a sequence of events that led to the DOJ using a reference from the NARA, to weaponize a process they refused to engage in.  The NARA refused to do their specialized bureaucratic job, and then the NARA used what they defined as an incomplete job as a reason to refer the outcome to the DOJ.   The details are quite interesting.

The letter details how the DOJ-NSD then weaponized the process, fought with the FBI investigative and supervisory agents who were saying Trump was doing nothing wrong, and then culminating in a documented lie to the Florida magistrate, in order to get a politically motivated search warrant.

The DOJ will not release the documents they used to convince the judge to obtain the warrant.  Additionally, the DOJ will not release a list of the documents, or even describe the documents, they later claimed are classified.   To this date, the Trump defense team is being told President Trump held classified documents, yet the DOJ will not describe to the lawyers who represent President Trump, what those classified documents are.

And as we reported before based on reports from attorney Mike Davis, it’s all BS because the President can take whatever he wants with him when he leaves the White House.

The Biden/Obama DOJ is corrupt beyond belief.  They all need to be in jail in order to bring justice back to the Justice Department.  


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