The Democrats May be Corrupt and Dishonest but Here’s FOUR REASONS Their Impeachment Sham is INSANE and May Be the Undoing of the Democrat Party | Joe Hoft


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The Democrats May be Corrupt and Dishonest but Here’s FOUR REASONS Their Impeachment Sham is INSANE and May Be the Undoing of the Democrat Party

The Democrat Party is coming undone. Their 2020 Presidential candidates are proud Socialists. Their former President Obama is connected to the biggest political scandal in US history. And so, the Democrats’ answer is to impeach President Trump. This is quickly becoming the greatest political blunder in US history.

For a very long time and for sure over the past three years, the Democrat Party is on a mission to destroy the Republican Party even if it means destroying America. But the one thing and the last thing that the Democrats have contemplated is destroying themselves.

Perhaps it comes from being slave owners in the South, succeeding, starting their own country, starting a Civil War, costing hundreds of thousands of American lives and somehow managing to stay intact that gives them the feeling that they can do anything. But this time it may be very different.

Here are four reasons the Democrats’ Schiff Sham impeachment may be the end of the Democrat Party –

1. The first reason is simple. The Democrats have no case. President Trump did nothing wrong. Their efforts to tie him to a crime didn’t work. President Trump in innocent and they know it.

Many Democrats wanted to impeach President Trump before he was inaugurated. They have been dreaming of this moment for years. They hate President Trump. He is brash. He fights back. He ultimately and often makes them look like fools and he always wins.

After the most corrupt investigation and special counsel sham was over, the Democrats had no crimes. They tried so hard. They falsified FISA documents. They spied on candidate and President Trump. They spied on and set up individuals near Trump (e.g. General Flynn, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Roger Stone, etc.). They had their ‘dream team’ on the Mueller Special Counsel and they even called themselves that. Anti-Trumpers, a Clinton Foundation attorney, the same group that released Hillary from any wrong doing, they were the perfect team to bring Trump down. But they couldn’t because he committed no crimes.

So next they pivoted from Russia to the Ukraine. They have tried to blame the President’s words on a phone call with the new Ukrainian President to wrongdoing. But when the President released the transcripts of not only one but two calls with the Ukrainian President, they had nothing.

They claimed the President’s efforts to determine corrupt activities in the last election are wrong and off limits. They claim that this was impacting the 2020 election while ignoring their actions that clearly are impacting the 2020 election.

After weeks of secret interviews, leaks and more leaks and lies from Chairman Schiff and other Democrats on the Committee, the Democrats believe they have a case. But in reality all they have is questionable witnesses basing their comments on second hand information.

The Democrats ignored Republican requests and prevented them from bringing in any witnesses. They interrupted their questions with the witnesses when they got too close to the truth. They won’t allow the whistleblower to be heard in spite of him starting the whole issue with a document with numerous falsehoods in it. But most alarming is the the Chairman of the Intel Committee, Adam Schiff, and his team worked with the whistleblower in the past, met with him before his complaint was filed, and met with the other witnesses before their testimonies were given.

Still nothing.

The President committed no crime. The Bidens happened to be involved in shady dealings in the Ukraine as well as former Secretary of State John Kerry. Billions in funds from the US and IMF went missing. VP Biden at the time had a prosecutor fired who was looking into his son’s company in the Ukraine. VP Biden bragged about it later which may be his undoing. Americans know there is corruption in the Ukraine. It is the Ukraine! The fact that Obama’s team was there is very suspicious. President Trump has every right and even a duty to look into it.

The President is innocent and Schifty Schiff made no case for impeachment. This in spite of the President and his team not being provided the right to cross examine the witnesses or call upon witnesses of his own.

Many Americans believe impeachment is for exceptional cases. Indeed the bar should be high. A President can only be impeached for treason, bribery, high crimes or misdemeanors. Second hand information of a call where the transcript is made public and shows no crime is not an impeachable offense.

The Democrats have no case and they know it. Why else would they keep changing the crime. It started as quid-pro-quo, moved to bribery, then perhaps treason and finally who knows what. These actions alone make a statement that they know they have nothing. They get an A for effort but their product gets an F.

2. The Democrats have no idea what will be uncovered or what will be presented in a Senate hearing and they have no control over the Republicans who are in charge of the Senate –

President Trump alluded to this on FOX and Friends in an interview Friday morning. He said he wants a hearing. He said he is innocent. They have no case and he would like the Senate to bring in Adam Schiff himself among others. The President would like to see the whistleblower testify. This guy met with and worked with Schiff. How well will that go for Democrats when he stumbles and is found in contempt while implicating himself and Schifty Schiff in a coup?

The Senate can bring in Hunter Biden, the son of the former VP. They could ask him about his drug addiction and his new child with a woman in Arkansas who isn’t his wife who had to get a test to prove he was the father. They could ask Hunter what he knows about oil, gas, the Ukraine and what warranted his appointment to the Board of Burisma.

They can bring in John Kerry and his former campaign fundraiser, Devon Archer, who also is on Burisma’s Board. They can bring in Christopher Steele who supposedly authored the Steele dossier with connections to the Ukraine. They could bring in Nellie Ohr and Bruce Ohr and Glenn Simpson. All who are connected to the Ukraine.

Any awkward or suspect comment could be the humiliating, embarrassing and devastating.

3. The IG’s FISA report is soon coming out –

No doubt that the Democrats have already seen this and built up their strategy to defend themselves but it will not be good for the Democrats and the Deep State. Americans already don’t trust DC and politicians. Soon the Democrats will be synonymous with the swamp in the mainstream.

President Trump says the report is shocking. He says that its the beginning of the parade of material on the greatest political scandal in US history. Former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese believes that the FISA scandal is Obama’s Watergate

Former Attorney General Ed Meese, who served under President Ronald Reagan, compared spying on the Trump campaign to the Watergate scandal in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller.

Meese previewed the impending IG report on FISA abuse, which is expected to drop on Dec. 9. The report is expected to reach a conclusion as to whether intelligence agencies followed the correct processes when obtaining warrants to spy on members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Meese debunked the idea that the IG report’s findings should be dismissed because the investigation occurred during the Trump administration, explaining that the IG’s investigations are independent.

Have the Democrats seriously considered how it is going to look when they are attempting to prosecute President Trump on a bogus, at best, ‘crime’ when the Obama appointed IG of the DOJ releases the FISA report showing much corruption and potential crimes related to the Obama gang before and after the 2016 election?

The Democrats would be better off laying low and suggesting its no big deal rather than trying to push a bogus impeachment at the same time the FISA report comes out.

4. US Attorney Durham has a criminal investigation ongoing now that will indict Democrats and their Deep State gang, if any indictments come forth, and they should.

John Durham is acting on behalf of AG Barr who wants to get to the bottom of the Russia collusion scandal. Why was candidate and President Trump spied on? Was it legit? If not, were crimes committed? If so, by whom?

We know that the Mueller team was a gang of Democrat attorneys and investigators, many of whom had just let Hillary Clinton off for no crimes in a crime riddled email investigation, and then the very same gang joined with Mueller to try and find crimes committed by candidate and President Trump.

This group targeted and indicted Trump associates who were spied on in the US and abroad. Many familiar with even a little about these events knows there were crimes committed.

The Democrats can’t control the Durham investigation as well. They don’t know what Durham is up to that we know of. Most Americans are in the dark. We do know that Durham has been overseas with AG Barr to Italy related to the investigation. We know President Trump asked the Ukrainian leader to work with AG Barr and ultimately Durham. The Australian leader has committed assistance and it is likely that the UK may also be assisting Durham.

The results from this could be damning. Many believe that if Durham does his job, he could uncover a coup. How will this look after the Democrats impeach an innocent man?

In Summary –

The Democrats may impeach Trump but they might not as well.

The risk if all goes poorly for the Democrats is very high. If the President is wrongfully impeached, and criminal actions by Schiff, the whistleblower, the Bidens, Kerry and Obama are uncovered in Senate hearings, and the FISA report is totally damaging and Durham starts arresting Democrats and the Deep State for their criminal acts, Americans will be outraged. This scenario could realistically be the end of the Democrat Party – something that some believe is long overdue.

Either way, President Trump will not be removed from office and will win the 2020 election.



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