“The Democrats Are Ruthless. They Want Power. They Want to Win Every Election. They Don’t Care How They Win.” – Joe diGenova | Joe Hoft


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“The Democrats Are Ruthless.  They Want Power.  They Want to Win Every Election.  They Don’t Care How They Win.” – Joe diGenova

Reagan appointed US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joe diGenova discussed current events with Joe Hoft on the Joe Hoft Show on TNTRadio.live. 

Joe diGenova was on the Joe Hoft Show on May 23, 2023, to discuss recent events, including the 2020 election and the Durham report that showed that the Russia collusion scam was a total lie created by Hillary Clinton and pushed by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jim Comey and more.

diGenova spoke about the abuses of the current DOJ gang and the Mueller exam.

He shared:

What I do find seriously offensive about Durham is that he didn’t indict Comey.  He didn’t indict McCabe.  He didn’t indict Strzok.  He didn’t do a huge conspiracy involving Brennan, Clapper and all those people at the top, Baker and the FBI.

I think what Durham did, he wrote a report that was two years late.  It should have been written well in advance of the 2020 election.  Everything that’s in there he knew.  He didn’t need all this time to write this report.

He’s an institutionalist.  He didn’t want to indict people in the FBI…He made the FBI the victim…

It is officially the position of the Department of Justice that Donald Trump was framed. He was framed starting in 2016 all the way up to 2020, up until today.

…It means there’s no accountability and it will happen again.

Joe continued that Durham could have done a lot of good by indicting these goons but he didn’t.  People needed to be condemned and charged.

The Democrats are ruthless.  They want power.  They want to win every election.  They don’t care how they win.

Joe discussed the 2020 election and said changes in the law were absolutely illegal.  He also mentions that the legislatures were absolutely useless.

Joe also discussed Andrew Weissmann:

Well Weissmann lost 9-0 in the Supreme Court in the articles in the Arthur Andersen case but it didn’t do Arthur Andersen any good because they were put out of business by the case.

Yeah, Weissmann is a thug.  He’s a real thug and he’s a very close personal friend of all the Obama people and all the people in the current Justice Department.  He was mad man when he was a prosecutor and very unprofessional and very disliked by anyone in the bar who knew him.

He was considered to be a prosecutor who did dirty things in the name of the law…

We need to win the next election or it’s going to get much, much worse.

Joe diGenova on The Joe Hoft Show – 23 May 2023:

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