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The Corrupt Uniparty Across the Nation Is Doing All It Can to Maintain Power – Here are Some Recent Examples

The uniparty around the country is doing all it can to keep its hold on power.  They hate America and Americans and have no integrity just like their partner Democrats.

The uniparty refers to the corrupt Democrats and their equally corrupt RINOs who pretend to be conservatives.  Mitt Romney is a great example of a RINO.  He lies about his conservative leanings to get elected, as all in the Uniparty do, and then backs far-left corrupt and criminal actions like Trump’s impeachment aligning with the corrupt and criminal left.

In Missouri –

A reader in Missouri sent the following: You guys are probably aware by now but in case not, Caleb Rowden (MO Senate Majority Leader),  made some deal for Kim Gardner to resign in exchange for him not allowing the State control of the SLMPD bill to hit the Senate floor this session.

It’s being viewed as Caleb selling out the City for scraps since we know the elections are rigged in the City so we will end up with another Kim Gardner.  GOP Gov. Parsons is weak and will choose a weak Circuit Attorney replacement, and the larger question of how is such a deal even able to be made – what is really going on in MO politics that this can occur?

I have a handful of people that have various pieces of information on this.

In Georgia –

Corrupt “conservative” Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, who was behind the 2020 Election steal is doing all he can to steal the next election away from President Trump.  He claims to be Mr. Integrity but then calls himself a conservative while aligning with election stealers.

Laura Loomer Confronts Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger for Meeting with Corrupt Dems at CEIR Summit

In Georgia, Missouri, California, and across the country, the Uniparty is fighting for power. 


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