The Corrupt Georgia DA Fani Willis Case Is Falling Apart Too – It’s a Disaster | Joe Hoft


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The Corrupt Georgia DA Fani Willis Case Is Falling Apart Too – It’s a Disaster

The corrupt Atlanta DA Fani Willis and her case are falling apart. 

Mike Davis lays Fani Willis out.

“This Biden-Democrat lawfare and election interference is crumbling before their eyes.”

@Article3Project Founder and President @mrddmia reports breaking news out of Fulton County: The Georgia Court of Appeals has agreed to hear President Trump’s appeal to disqualify Fani Willis.

See interview below from Truth social.

Here is the entire segment:

Far left Salon reports.

The Georgia Court of Appeals has further delayed Donald Trump’s election interference case in the state, revisiting the question of whether Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis should be removed for alleged misconduct.

In a Wednesday filing, the court granted an interlocutory appeal to the former president’s legal team, allowing them to argue once again that Willis should be removed from the case. Trump’s legal team has 10 days to file a notice to appeal.

The case, concerning Trump’s effort to get Georgia officials to change the results of the state’s 2020 election, has faced a tumultuous path since the DA’s office launched an investigation more than three years ago.

Willis has faced significant scrutiny for her relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade, which Trump lawyers argued created a conflict of interest. Earlier this year, experts also warned that her continued comments on the case, even after a judge ruled she shouldn’t be tossed, posed a threat to the continued prosecution of the case. For example, Willis’ remarks on cable news  that “the train is coming” –— could be construed as violating the requirement that public comments on a case be limited to those that serve a “legitimate law enforcement purpose,” per Georgia attorney Andrew Fleischman.

Mike Davis calls Fani’s boyfriend prosecutor “dumb”.  He may be right. 

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