The Biggest Loser in the GOP Debate Already Forgotten Was a Woman | Joe Hoft


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The Biggest Loser in the GOP Debate Already Forgotten Was a Woman


President Trump said today that the biggest loser in the most recent GOP Presidential debate was a woman.

President Trump opined today on the recent GOP debate.  You’ll never guess who was the biggest loser.

So many people are asking what I thought of history’s lowest rated “presidential” debate, & how would I rate the players. It’s so easy to be a critic, but who on this subject would be better than me. To begin with, I thought Ron DeSanctimonious was terrible, with his bobble head facial movements & his walking on eggs, but that Sloppy Chris Christie was worse. He’s not fit, mentally or physically, to be President plus, he suffers from TDS, or Trump Derangement Syndrome, at levels not seen before. In other words, he is a “sick puppy.” On top of it all, his poll numbers are just 1%, in a class with “Aida” Hutchinson. He’s dead, but so is Ron, whose weird bobbing head and fresh mouth, make his high heels look good – He’s walking on eggs! Birdbrain looked different & lost, but I give her second place. Vivek WINS because he thinks l’m great. The biggest loser was Megyn Kelly, what the hell happened to her? She has lost whatever she once had, which wasn’t very much. Some things never change!

Megyn Kelly just can’t seem to not try to hurt President Trump.  She hated him in 2016 and her hate led to her demise at FOX News.  After that her career imploded.

Kelly led this debate which was held without President Trump.  It was a failure.

The reason that President Trump pointed this out about Kelly was no doubt due to her remarks that President Trump was missing a step, claiming that he wasn’t as sharp as he once was.

Compared to most Americans President Trump is more active.  He’s as sharp as he ever was.  He no doubt doesn’t hit the golf ball as far as he used to but he still is a very low handicap golfer.  He is in great shape especially for a man his age.

Kelly just can’t help herself.  Her true colors always come out. 

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