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Texas AG Paxton Impeachment Trial Ends – “The Bush Era in Texas Ends Today”

The impeachment trial of Texas AG Ken Paxton has reached an end.  Closing remarks were given Friday. 

The problem for the state of Texas is that the Bush family wants to run politics in the state of Texas.

This whole impeachment started when the Texas Speaker was so drunk while running the legislature that Ken Paxton said he should resign.  This set off the impeachment from the bitter RINO in the House.

Corrupt Texas Speaker Phelan Went After AG Paxton After Being Caught Drunk on House Floor

In closing remarks today, lawyer for Paxton Tony Buzbee destroyed the Bushes in Texas. He said, “The Bush Era in Texas Ends Today!”.

They can go back to Maine, he said.  The entire impeachment was because the Bush family didn’t like it that Paxton beat their RINO son running against Paxton in the 2022 primary.  Paxton won big and that is when the impeachment began.

Oligarchs and Despots all believe they own the government but in the US the people own the government.

The highlights from his speech are below.  This guy is magnificent.

It’s time for despots to go. 

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