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Texas AG Ken Paxton Protecting Conservative Voices and Protecting the Constitution

Texas AG Ken Paxton files a case against Biden’s State Department for targeting and censoring conservatives.

Newsmax reports:

new lawsuit headed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and three others alleges that President Joe Biden’s State Department worked to censor conservative views online.

Paxton’s office joined the nonprofit New Civil Liberties Alliance, as well as the publications The Daily Wire and The Federalist, in the lawsuit filed Wednesday.

The group pointed out that the State Department’s Global Engagement Center funded the Global Disinformation Index, a third-party group that organizes an “exclusion list” of “disinformation” spreaders.

The Censorship Industrial complex is real.  The Biden government has targeted conservatives and used government money to pay for it.

Entities like the Global Disinformation Index work for the US government to censor the free speech of Americans.  This was all discussed in my book – The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up.  This is one of three books on the 2020 Election steal.

Today other conservatives are complaining about NewsGuard, another tool used by the Deep State to target conservatives.  This entity is also paid for by the Biden government.

The Post and AIER have been targeted by NewsGuard — founded by Steven Brill, a Democrat activist and donor, in 2018. Newsmax has reported it has been, too.

NewsGuard’s rankings have since been used by advertising agencies to target and block conservative media from obtaining advertising revenue.

“NewsGuard bills itself ‘The Internet Trust Tool’ and purports to offer ‘transparent tools to counter misinformation for readers, brands, and democracies,’ which admittedly sounds impressive,” the AIER researchers wrote for the Post.

“But what is the likely outcome when the U.S. government funds this corporation through something called the Global Engagement Center?”

They point to the lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton this week along with The Daily Wire and The Federalist, alleging the State Department has been funding technology to “render disfavored press outlets unprofitable.”

“Conservative voices, it says, are being suppressed,” they wrote. “And when they’re suppressed, their advertising revenues drop. And if their advertising revenues drop far enough, they will eventually be forced to exit the market.

The American people need a voice and Biden/Obama want to destroy us. 


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