SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Corrupt Biden Administration’s Narrative About Lloyd Austin’s Hospitalization Doesn’t Add Up | Joe Hoft


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SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Corrupt Biden Administration’s Narrative About Lloyd Austin’s Hospitalization Doesn’t Add Up

Lloyd Austin

The Biden Administration’s story about Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization doesn’t add up. 

Biden’s inept Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, responsible for leaving billions in critical and top secret weapons and machinery in Afghanistan and the massive bloodshed in Ukraine is not well.

Austin was hospitalized and this was kept secret which is causing quite a stir.

Austin’s failure to inform his most senior advisers, congressional leaders and even President Joe Biden of his hospitalization last week due to complications from a medical procedure has erupted into a controversy that’s left senior White House and Pentagon officials infuriated and befuddled.

Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. C.Q. Brown was not informed of Austin’s situation until Tuesday, the day after his hospitalization, a senior Defense Department official told POLITICO on Sunday. Even Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks, who assumed some of his duties while he was in the hospital, did not know his whereabouts until Thursday, a second senior DOD official said after CNN first reported the news.

Conservative Treehouse reported on how bizarre in this situation was on Saturday:

The story of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recovering in the hospital broke Friday afternoon when the Pentagon first released a statement {SEE HERE}.   It was a bizarre first notification considering that Secretary Austin had been hospitalized since January 1st, and no official notification came until yesterday.   However, the story has grown even more bizarre.

Secretary Austin was in intensive care for four days following complications that stemmed from an elective procedure.

Today, it is discovered that the Pentagon never informed the White House that the Defense Secretary was not in command.  The National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and the National Security Council were unaware of Austin’s incapacity until January 4th.  This is very strange.

The Biden Administration is a mess.  This is more evidence that Biden is not running the show.

Why was no one in Biden’s White House notified of Austin’s hospitalization?  Why was Austin hospitalized in the first place?

The bigger picture is why is Austin still in charge after giving billions in top secret sophisticated weapons and machinery to China and the Taliban after surrendering Afghanistan?  Why is he still around after the debacle and surrender to the Taliban?

These goons don’t want to make America great.  They are destroying it.  They have no regard for rules, laws or policies. They do what they want to do. 

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