Supreme Courts Hears Case on Censorship – Can the Government Censor Free Speech? God Save Us! | Joe Hoft


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Supreme Courts Hears Case on Censorship – Can the Government Censor Free Speech? God Save Us!

US Supreme Court

The Supreme Court held oral arguments for Murthy v. Missouri, formerly known as Biden v. Missouri, today in DC.  This case surrounds the government’s belief that it is legal for it to curtail free speech and mandate only liberal speech is legitimate and free. 

The Biden gang claims to oppose any ruling in favor of Americans’ constitutional right to free speech if it limits the government’s ability to censor that speech via Big Tech.

Americans want free speech and the government out of the business of pretending to have the God-like wisdom to determine what can be said and what cannot.

The case involves many players but one main player is the Gateway Pundit which was targeted severely before and after the 2020 Election.  (It actually has been censored by Big Tech for years.)

In 2020 and into 2021, I was reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop and on election integrity.  No one released the articles that I produced at that time.  An entity sponsored by the government was created to censor free speech at that time.  It’s number one target was admittedly the Gateway Pundit and my articles at that site.

BREAKING HUGE: Joe Hoft and The Gateway Pundit Were Top Censorship Targets by EIP – Run by DHS’s CISA!

Today the Supreme Court listened as the government argue that it was ok for it to sensor my speech and anyone’s speech they do not like.  Truth be damned, they are the gods here, they claim.

Biden’s Supreme Court pick was ignorant in the points she made today. KBJ was concerned that the government may not be able to censor Americans as a result of this case.

Justice Alito was spot on in pointing out that the government is treating social platforms like their subordinates. Which they have indeed done for some time.

In a couple of months we will see if the US government can censor Americans if it wants.  God save us. 

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