Supporters of Kristina Karamo Believe Efforts to Remove Her Are to End Election Integrity Efforts in Michigan | Joe Hoft


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Supporters of Kristina Karamo Believe Efforts to Remove Her Are to End Election Integrity Efforts in Michigan

Supporters of Kristina Karamo believe that the effort to remove her as Head of the Michigan GOP is to end all election integrity efforts in the state. 

This past weekend it was reported that Kristina Karamo was removed as GOP Head of the State of Michigan.  But moments later the Michigan GOP released a message stating that the vote was backed by “counterfeit conservatives” and it was not legitimate.

MICHIGAN MESS: Kristina Karamo Removed from Head of GOP But Is Vote Legit?

One reader shared the following regarding why he believes Karamo is being targeted for removal.  Karamo and those who support her want to move to a precinct strategy as opposed to the current status quo.  This strategy was developed to allow for a more representative form of electing officials in the GOP.  Currently Democrats can vote in primaries in Michigan and this new effort backed by Karamo will prevent Democrats from voting in Republican primaries.

Here is the video linked to above:

On last Saturday on the anniversary of Jan 6, a group of members of the Michigan GOP voted to remove Kristina Karamo from the the Head of the GOP in the state.  Those opposed to this action claim that there were many reasons why the vote was not valid.

The vote was taken at a meeting which wasn’t an authorized special meeting.  Approximately 45 of the more than 107 members attended a meeting which around 40 members voted to remove her.  A legitimate meeting to address these issues is scheduled for this coming weekend.  The signatures obtained had multiple questions which are noted below and the removal by this committee of around 40 members is not contemplated by the bylaws.

The Michigan GOP General Counsel Dan Hartman shared the following message on Saturday night, Jan 6.

A supporter of Karamo shared this comment at this site:

I stand with Kristina!  I was one of many delegates who elected her to be our chair despite big money and big name politicians trying every despicable and corrupt effort to stop us.  We, the people, have spoken!

The individuals present on Jan 6 voted out Karamo and a number of others who run the party.  Many of these individuals are involved in efforts to make election integrity in Michigan a priority.

According to many within the Michigan GOP, Kristina Karamo was never legitimately removed from office.  This weekend we will know more. 

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