SUPERB – Guya Mariani – It’s Either Fascism, Communism or Trump “I Hope in Trump” | Joe Hoft


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SUPERB – Guya Mariani – It’s Either Fascism, Communism or Trump “I Hope in Trump”

Italian Entrepreneur Guya Mariani joined the Joe Hoft Show on TNTRadio on Friday where she outlined the forces trying to take over the world and their distinct differences.  

Guya Mariani started her discussion in the video below at the 20:24 mark.  She began by sharing a bit about herself.

Mariani recently translated the three books in “The Steal” series into Italian for publican in Italy.  She however is not a translator, she is an artist.  She is 100% Italian and her mother was actually born in the Vatican City.  She’s noble and a countess.  Early on Guya’s artistic abilities were identified.

She spent a few years in San Diego after high school and then came back to Europe where she began studying art in London and then in Paris.  Then she got into the fashion business, because “Milano is fashion”.  She started her own line and “it went very, very good”.

She then decribed how she got involved in American politics:

I always followed American politics because that’s where the games are done. It’s not in Italy.  Italy is a satellite, it’s a colony of the British Empire, so we have no say, especially since we got into the European Union.

She follows American politics, “because we are just a consequence of these things”.  Living in so many different places Guya realized that each location is like one whole government itself, even the language.

The language affects the architecture and the architecture affects the people and they way they vote.  It’s amazing how everything affects the person and this affects the government and the political decisions.

She understood when COVID came out that when all the countries had the same solution when there were 1,000 solutions that this was something that was fed to them.  This led her to the saying, “Evil prevails when good men do nothing.”

Life in not just a matter of accumulating cars or gold bars, that’s not the point about our life…You are here not only to heal all the past experiences that you inherited through your birth, but also to elevate yourself. 

She then said that watching an Italian show and seeing the translator not do the best translation, she knew she had to help.  She said, “You cannot have a guest like Joe Hoft and have a translation like that.”  This is when she began offering her help in translating for the station Visione TV.

She began translating for free and shared, “If you have faith, and you trust, how can you have fear…Faith in God is the ultimate faith.”  

Guya went on to discuss the politics in Italy.  The mafia does the work the government cannot do.  They keep people poor.  They blow up enterprises that don’t comply with the mafia and force people to work for the government.  Since people don’t have to go to work, you get paid by the government.   This is similar to the Roman days.  When people vote they are loyal to the mafia because they have no choice.

This is what is happening to America today.  Guya can see it. The government and mafia keep everybody extremely poor with no prospect of bettering themselves.

Guya went on to discuss fascism under Mussolini in Italy.  It actually at first elevated Italy.  There were monuments and more that the people liked.  But it was socialism at heart.  It was very similar to the Democrat party in America right now.  “The problem with Mussolini was when he allied with Hitler and the socialist Nazi party.  When they started doing the racial laws, is when this all failed.  Mussolinia and Italy were forced to comply.

They killed him [Mussolini].  Why did they do this?…Because Mussolini did not want to do what was done to the Jews…Italians didn’t want to do it.  Italians didn’t care about doing this thing [killing Jews].  We were brought into this situation and Mussolini was hung probably as a signal, not to the people, but to those who were going against them, the major internationalists plan.

Today Nazism is globalism, they just rebranded it.

…If you look at the European Union today, they’re all just sons and nephews of Nazis.

At that time if you wanted to survive, all the Germans had to join the Nazi party, all the Italians had to join fascism.  If you didn’t, you couldn’t live.  Similar to what we saw with COVID.

The difference between fascism and communism is that fascism concentrates the power between corporate and government but communism only government.  Communism doesn’t allow private property and doesn’t allow faith in anything.

…If you live in a communist country, you are dead…If you live in a fascist country you live in a very unjust place where you have no chance unless you become part of the fascist party. 

There are only two choices, fascism or communism in the New World with Karl Schwab.

The government is important because it can in the best way possible enable peace.

I hope in Trump.  I hope in Trump.  End of story.  We need a leader like Trump.

Magnificent – one of the greatest interviews ever.

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