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Steve Bannon Goes Off on Globalists Rupert Murdoch and Former Speaker Paul Ryan

Rupert Murdoch and Paul Ryan and Bannon

Steve Bannon went off on Rupert Murdoch and Paul Ryan today on the War Room.

Bannon knows that FOX News is not for the common man in America.  The channell once was the place for Americans to get their news.  That is no longer the case.

Bannon shared an interview with President Trump where he said nice things about FOX News and Bannon noted how nice President Trump was to say this.  But FOX has not been great.

Bannon then noted how FOX and Paul Ryan, a Board member of FOX now and former GOP speaker in 2016, shared that he was not backing President Trump after the “Pussy tape” was released.  This was something that we reported at TGP at that time.

Ryan never did support President Trump and he still isn’t.  This is why he was hired to the Board of FOX News.

Speaker Ryan Said He Would Never Support President Trump and He Never Has – Now We Know His Office Was Also Pushing Fake Russia Dossier!

Today Bannon dropped the gauntlet on Paul Ryan. Bannon shared on his show:

When you’re watching Fox, you’re not watching Fox….what you are watching is the Murdochs, okay.

The Murdochs have Paul Ryan on their Board for a reason.  That reason is that they are they controlled opposition, and they are the Uniparty, and they are going to put the Uniparty people up there…

…They were the ones that provided the media cover for the stealing…the calling in Arizona, to give the left-wing media media coverage…to then flip all when we know they were stealing it overnight…and stealing in Arizona…and that was Fox and Rupert Murdoch..that’s an unforgivable sin.

With everything that’s happened to President Trump, and that’s why I always refer to him as Cincinnatus…that figure in Roman history, the general that retired and went back to his farm and then came back again against everything about his family in his life….and then in retirement came back to save Rome again.

That’s Donald Trump.  They used to call Washington Cincinnatus. Trump is a modern Cincinnatus.

See Bannon’s rant from today on Paul Ryan below:

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