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SINFUL: Joe Biden Gave the Green Light to Iran to Bomb Israel

Sinful: Joe Biden gave Iran the “green light” to bomb Israel. 

Biden is not the fried of Israel.  He sides with Hamas.  He is a traitor to the US and our friends.

Iran send some 300 missiles and drones towards Israel on Saturday night. This was all sanctioned by Biden.

Redstate has this to say regarding Biden’s betrayal:

There’s no way to sugarcoat that. The Biden administration told the Iranians it was acceptable to attack “within certain limits.” Were those limits adhered to? That’s something only the president and his handlers can answer (and never will), but given their rush to demand Israel not strike back, it would seem probable that everything went according to plan.

This is a betrayal that is hard to fathom. If an offensive attack was getting ready to be launched against the United States and one of our allies told our enemy to go ahead with the attack “within certain limits,” it would be an international scandal and the end of that alliance. Yet, Israel is just expected to take this garbage from Biden and his cohorts without questioning it.

For Israel’s own sake, I hope they respond harshly to this and re-establish deterrence. Whatever Iran has on Biden and the entire Obama alumni must be incredibly serious given the lengths these people are going to to protect a terrorist state. Still, that can’t be allowed to dictate policy in this arena. If Iran gets away unscathed after launching this attack, it won’t hesitate to launch an attack once it has secured nuclear weapons.

This is really the most disgusting thing about the Biden/Obama regime – their constant efforts to side with terrorists like those running Iran.  This is not pro-America – this is death to America. 


2 thoughts on “SINFUL: Joe Biden Gave the Green Light to Iran to Bomb Israel”

  1. Bombing the Iranian embassy in Syria had consequences. That was an incredibly reckless act of provocation.

    The USA did not make decisions on the embassy attack or the retaliation. Focus is required on the embassy attack, not Biden gossip.

    America First is not compatible with Israel First. Israel is behaving like a spoiled brat, sane nations do not bomb embassies.

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