Should the Corrupt and Unconstitutional Colorado Judges Who Removed President Trump from Ballot Be Removed from the Bench? | Joe Hoft


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Should the Corrupt and Unconstitutional Colorado Judges Who Removed President Trump from Ballot Be Removed from the Bench?


2021 Colorado Supreme Court Justices

The “judges” in Colorado who attempted to remove President Trump from the 2024 ballot acted erroneously but also against the US Constitution.  Should they be removed from the bench?

In Colorado a corrupt judge with a conflicted radical far-left agenda took on the case to remove the President of the United States from the 2024 Presidential Election in the state.  She believed that she alone, despite blatant conflicts, could overturn the US Constitution.

Radical Liberal Judge in Colorado Refuses to Remove Herself from Trump Case Despite Blatant Conflicts

We learned that the judge was not alone.  The gang behind the attempt to unconstitutionally remove President Trump from the ballot was connected to corrupt Nazi-sympathizer George Soros.

Soros Behind Effort to Unconstitutionally Remove President Trump from 2024 Ballot in Colorado

We were learning at the time that the Biden/Obama regime was behind this entire unconstitutional mess.  They were overseeing a federal government and using the government to commit unconstitutional acts against President Trump.

Biden/Obama Regime Increase Number of FBI Agents to Investigate President Trump While Colorado Kicks Him Off State Ballot

Judge Sara Wallace ignored her conflicts and kicked President Trump off of the ballot and then eventually the Colorado Supreme Court agreed with this unconstitutional action.

Despite ample evidence that their actions went against the US Constitution, their hate of their political opponent was over the top.  They all worked together with Soros, Biden, Obama and the US government to kick President Trump off of the ballot in Colorado for made-up reasons that only biased far-left radicals could conjure up.

Yesterday the US Supreme Court overturned these Colorado judges insane and unconstitutional act of taking President Trump off of the ballot.  Even the radical judges on the Supreme Court knew this was unconstitutional.

Supreme Court Gives Colorado Cold Shoulder in Its Efforts to Remove President Trump from 2024 Ballot

The Colorado judges were so egregious in getting it wrong, they were purposely wrong. Is breaking the Constitution is WORSE than breaking the law?

Radical Obama and Biden judges are making erroneous decisions on a daily basis.  Innocent men and women are being sentenced to years in prison for walking into the US Capitol on Jan 6.

Judges acting with rage are ruling that a woman can claim sexual abuse from decades ago, not provide a date or even year of offense, and award multi-million-dollar judgements to the accusers.  The list of actions against President Trump and his supporters by radically raging judges is long – one never seen before in US history.

Constitutional rights of due process, freedom of speech, freedom to protest and more are being ignored by these judges.  The US Constitution is being ignored in multiple Democrat-led states and cities as well.

Should this be ignored or should these actions be punished?

Reuters shared this days ago:

Judges and prosecutors are facing repeated threats of violence as they handle cases related to Trump, interviews and documents reveal. The wave of intimidation follows the ex-president’s attacks on judges as corrupt and biased – and some worry it threatens America’s long tradition of judicial independence.

Do you think these radical judges would face the same criticism if they applied judgements based on the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

At what point are the unconstitutional acts of judges who throw innocent Americans in prison against their rights, in excess of their actions, addressed?  Americans who walked in (some invited into the Capitol on Jan 6  or pushed into the Capitol) are being sentenced to years in prison.  Is this right?  How is this constitutional?

Some individuals have been in jail for years and have not yet had a trial.  Is this due process and a speedy trial?

The US Constitution is the law of the land, not verdicts of radical judges.

How will America eventually deal with the actions of corrupt judges who choose to rule against the US Constitution?   


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