SHOCKING: The Corrupt Deep State Records Its Eighth Kill – Eighth Man Dead for Participating in Jan 6 Protest | Joe Hoft


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SHOCKING: The Corrupt Deep State Records Its Eighth Kill – Eighth Man Dead for Participating in Jan 6 Protest

Nejourde Meacham


The eighth Trump supporter has died at the hands of the Deep State for his participation in the Jan 6 protests of the stolen 2020 Election. 

The Biden regime stole the 2020 Election.  They did so by certifying the corrupt and fraudulent election that took place that year.  After the election, on January 6, 2021, a protest was held at the US Capitol.  Bad actors infiltrated the crowd and started a riot.   Four Trump supporters were killed at the hands of the Capitol Police that day.

Since then four more Americans have committed suicide after being targeted and indicted for bogus crimes by the Biden-Obama regime running the corrupt DOJ.

This week America lost its fourth man to suicide due to being targeted by the Biden regime.

Four other Americans were killed on Jan 6.  All of their deaths are in vain and caused by this corrupt government. 

The following is from my book – The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up.  It discusses the story of Rosanne Boyland who died on Jan 6.

Rosanne Boyland drove to Washington DC that day with a friend. She was a young lady with a special talent. She was a recovering addict who worked as a drug counselor. For seven years, she attended meetings in her local community and did what she could to help others with the same issues and addictions. She also was a Trump supporter.127

Boyland found herself caught between the crowd outside the Capitol and Capitol Police when the madness began. Trump supporters were on a set of
steps outside the Capitol when Capitol Police began pushing the crowd on top of innocent Americans on the steps.

Boyland and the crowd of Trump supporters were pushed by police down the steps and under a ceiling-high, bone-crushing, and deadly pile that cops doused with opulent amounts of pepper spray and teargas. The police would not allow anyone to help the individuals being crushed, and they attacked anyone who tried to help. After about ten long minutes, the protesters were able to work themselves out of the pile and save each other.128

Boyland lay motionless on the steps after the pile finally cleared. People were unable to get near her to help, and it was then that she was seen being
beaten brutally by Police Officer Lila Morris with a stick multiple times. Morris beat Boyland so hard and so many times that she lost her stick!129

Boyland’s face was blue and bloody as her body lay motionless. Men tried to help and defend her, only to be tear-gassed or struck by police themselves.  People begged and pleaded with police to give Boyland CPR, but the police ignored these calls. The men finally carried Boyland down the stairs away from the attacks of police to attempt administer CPR themselves.130

Ronald McAbee, a Sheriff from Tennessee, was one of the men who worked on Boyland. He unbuttoned Boyland’s pants and removed her belt to access the femoral artery in her leg and take a pulse. As of this writing, McAbee still sits in pre-trial detention for the January 6 crime of trying to save Rosanne Boyland. Over a dozen men sit in pre-trial detention who were helping Rosanne or reacting to her death. It’s as if authorities are keeping them behind bars to prevent them from sharing their stories and what they saw on Jan 6.131

The Capitol coroner announced to Big Media that Boyland had died from a drug overdose. Next, the government cremated her body so the family could not see it. Boyland’s family was unable to perform a secondary autopsy and to this day has not been provided their daughter’s full autopsy report. This woman who helped so many recover from their addictions was slandered by her government and labeled a drug addict, all because she supported her President.132

Officer Lila Morris, as of the date of this writing, still walks the halls of Congress—a hero.133

This is today’s DOJ and FBI.  

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