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SHOCKING: RINO Republican Congressman from Colorado, Ken Buck, Says Not Enough Info to Impeach Biden!

It’s hard to believe that a GOP Congressman would have to gall to even say that there is not enough corruption coming out of the Biden regime to have him impeached. This is shocking.

Rep. Ken Buck from Colorado is a GOP Congressman in the US House.  He also was the chair of the Colorado GOP.  This says a lot.  As the state of Colorado was taken over by communists like Soros-backed Secretary of State Jena Griswold, Buck sat back and allowed the destruction of the state while GOP head in the state.

The elections in Colorado are not mail-in and corrupt.  Buck has no problem with this.  With RINOs like Buck, the Democrats are not scared, they are happy.

We have seen the Biden regime steal an election, set up Trump supporters on Jan 6, and then shove them in jail for years without trials.  Some have been beaten ruthlessly.

Four Trump supporters were killed at the hands of the Capitol Police on Jan 6.  Anther four have committed suicide rather than go to prison on BS charges.

Fourteen Americans died in Afghanistan at the hands of a suicide bomber along with hundreds of Afghanis.  The country was handed over to the Taliban and Biden still gives them money.

Every move Biden makes helps China.  The border is wide open and millions have entered the country and we don’t know who they are.  The US oil reserves were sold to China.

And Joe and his family made tens of millions doing favors to foreigners while using Joe’s time in office.  Biden may be even more corrupt than the Clintons who created the BS Russia collusion coup.

But Ken Buck is living in Lala land.

What a joke this guy is.  He is on the other side and the other side is communist and tyrannical. 

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