SHOCKING: More 2020 Election Fraud Cover-Ups – “Blank Ballots” Found on ES&S Voting System Reports | Joe Hoft


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SHOCKING: More 2020 Election Fraud Cover-Ups – “Blank Ballots” Found on ES&S Voting System Reports

The 2020 Election steal was memorialized in three books called “The Steal”.  You can get your copy here

These books list the many crimes in the 2020 Election that led this former international executive auditor in Hong Kong know that it never should have been certified in many swing states.

Unfortunately, information just keeps coming out.

Last week Chris Gleason reached out and reported to me that he received a document from ES&S voting services company that was being forwarded to states across the country.  This document shows that ES&S is wanting to hide information from the voters regarding data from the 2020 and 2022 elections.

Here is Gleason’s article which was also posted at CD Media:

In a jaw-dropping revelation, Election Systems & Software ( ES&S ) has been caught red-handed in an audacious scheme to prevent public access to vital public records related to the administration of elections. The bombshell report suggests that the company is trying to cloak their actions in secrecy and hide critical information from the American public.

The hidden treasure trove of data and evidence held hostage by ES&S and their co-conspirators is nothing short of a GAME-CHANGER. It is the ultimate vindication for President Donald J. Trump, providing undeniable evidence that the 2020 and 2022 elections were RIGGED and FRAUDULENT!


The information that ES&S is seeking to hide from public disclosure, contains the data and evidence that vindicate President Donald J. Trump and prove with absolute certainty that the 2020 and 2022 elections were significantly and materially impacted by massive election fraud via compromised electronic voting systems on a nationwide basis.

ES&S, the shadowy giant behind the nation’s voting systems, has unleashed a disturbing edict this week, instructing all municipalities to HIDE critical public records, data and reports related to government agency-run local, state and federal elections.


In this David vs. Goliath showdown, courageous citizens and watchdogs unite to challenge the election behemoth. The public records requests that spurred the ES&S Security Bulletin were sent out by Christopher Gleason on half of The Justice Society.

Gleeson goes on to report that:

In both the 2020 and 2022 elections in Florida, Maryland, Arizona and other states millions of voters cast their ballots through various methods. However, a concerning issue arose: ES&S Tabulators marked many of these ballots as “100% Blank,” effectively nullifying the ballots and cancelling the votes of those voters.

The ES&S DS200 Tabulators are not the only ballot image scanners used to administer elections. ES&S also sells a high volume ballot scanner called the DS850 that also seems to be illegally adjudicating large numbers of ballots as 100% Blank these are used to process ballots received in vote by mail elections.

Although President Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election in Florida he did lose in some counties. In every county that he “lost in” across Florida there were massive numbers of “Ballots Cast – Blank”

Gleeson then goes on to show the many instances of black ballots and how these recent elections were impacted.

This is another big story of 2020 Election fraud.  Let’s get this out.



1 thought on “SHOCKING: More 2020 Election Fraud Cover-Ups – “Blank Ballots” Found on ES&S Voting System Reports”

  1. Do these books get specific enough to serve as REAL HOW-TO BOOKS?
    And, if we only wanted to study one machine model, have you put together something more pamphlet size?
    We just did a vote in ohio, one issue, no candidate nothing… you either voted ‘yes’ or you voted ‘no’… Planned Parenthood wanted this issue deep-sixed so I’m wondering whether the machines were rigged to favor the PP choice… Some counties had interesting numbers of ”undervotes”, which we’re to believe meant [in some counties] people came to vote and then decided they couldn’t make up their minds..
    In Ohio, each county picks their own election system, no uniformity of system, which the SOS figured would limit the ability of hackers to have to deal with digital chaos in system operation….. ttyl… sugestions?


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