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Shocking – Hillary Has only 5 Campaign Events Scheduled in September

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Donald Trump continues to significantly outperform Hillary Clinton in campaign rallies and in participation at campaign rallies. In August Presidential Candidate Trump held 32 campaign rallies to Hillary’s 11 and he had attendance at these rallies of twenty times Hillary with nearly 200,000 participants to her 10,000.


Trump’s momentum is increasing in September. Through September 15th, or the first half of the month, Trump has held 12 rallies to Clinton’s 4 but his participation blows Hillary’s away. Trump has obtained nearly 55,000 attendees at his events through the first half of the month while Hillary has obtained a meager 1,250 attendees for a ratio of 44 to 1!

In total Trump has 3 times the number of events and 23 times the number of participants at rallies in the first month and a half since the conventions! Trump has 240,000 more participants at his rallies than Hillary in this same time period.

If one has difficulties grasping these numbers all one has to do is look at the pictures from Hillary’s and Trump’s rallies in North Carolina this past week to see the striking difference in attendance.

The detailed numbers for each campaign rally are provided below.


Hillary Clinton has no rallies scheduled on her calendar into the future but she does show an ‘organizing event’ in Philadelphia on the 19th where is she is scheduled to attend.





This means that between events month to date in September and with the one ‘organizing event’ scheduled on the 19th, Clinton will have a miniscule total of 5 campaign events that she participates in for the entire month.

Either due to health issues, an embarrassing turnout, or both, the Clinton campaign is holding the lowest number of events for a candidate at this stage of the race in US Presidential campaign history.

It is also clear is that Trump is crushing Clinton in events and in attendance at these events. If this is any indication of what the eventual vote will be, Trump will win in a landslide.

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