SHOCKER: Study Shows “Misinformation Experts” Are a Bunch of Radical Leftists | Joe Hoft


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SHOCKER: Study Shows “Misinformation Experts” Are a Bunch of Radical Leftists

Who would have guessed this?  The radicals behind the censoring of conservative media are a bunch of rabid leftist communists.

Anyone who has followed the censorship of conservative thought knows that fascist, communist, radicals are behind the rabid censorship going on in America and around the world.

The communists and fascists know that information is power.  They want to own the information you receive.  These are the Maoists and Nazis of today.

We’ve seen censorship take the level of the most harsh regimes in the US since the Biden Administration.  The Internet had to be stopped.  This was apparent before the 2020 Election as noted in the book – The Steal – Volume I: Setting the Stage.

Big Media’s stories during the Trump years were constantly dishonest but Big Media’s biggest lies were the stories that they did not share.

The media rarely mentioned the beautiful first lady, Melania Trump, who was easily the most graceful and gorgeous first lady in history. Big Media hid from the American people President Trump’s many successes that helped the entire country. Regarding these many monumental accomplishments, there was no praise from the media, only crickets.

Thankfully there was new media like The Gateway Pundit and others who filled the void and provided honest coverage of President Trump’s many accomplishments as well as Big Media’s many lies. This battle for the hearts of good Americans went on every day.

By August of 2020, only months before the 2020 Election, the press reached new levels of negative reporting of President Trump. This was reported by MRCNewsBusters:

Negative press coverage of President Trump has worsened. Since 2016, previous studies from analysts at the Media Research Center revealed that the coverage of Mr. Trump on major broadcast networks was 91% negative.

A new study released Monday found that the coverage is now 95% negative.

“I’ve been studying the news media and elections for more than 35 years. Trust me – there’s never been anything like it,” said Rich Noyes, research director for the conservative press watchdog.

The study revealed that ABC, CBS and NBC aired nine times as much coverage of Mr. Trump than Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden. The coverage of the president, the research found, was 95% negative. Meanwhile, the networks appear to be shielding Mr. Biden.

“Biden escaped any scrutiny of his left-wing policy positions, past job performance or character,” the study said.

Next we found out that the censorship of conservative thought (lefties were never censored) was paid for by the US government.  This was reported in – The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up.

Americans and the world are being force fed insanity and filth.  It’s all part of the destruction of America.

A recent study by Harvard identified the obvious:

We could have told you this.  All you had to do was ask. 

6 thoughts on “SHOCKER: Study Shows “Misinformation Experts” Are a Bunch of Radical Leftists”

  1. The X post is too kind. What they’ve done is criminal, and adjusting the Smith-Mundt Act 2012 by Obama to make it legal for our government to lie to us amplifies that corruption.

    The difference between deliberate censorship with desired outcome by a militant group of three letter agencies, and this X post is too huge to minimize the intent.

    Our way of life has been under direct attack since Obama took office with Joe Biden at his side. They’ve used Mao and Marx ideas to destroy our social fabric, and this is not an accident because they are human.

    They may or may not believe their own lies and they hate America, and are aiding and abetting our enemies to further our demise. The people that instigate the censorship know they are doing something criminal, and those who believe their lies end up complicit in the destruction of their own country.

  2. They’ve been trained from infancy–via television, school, etc.–to be what they are. It’s not even so much that they’re indoctrinated as it’s that they’ve never known any different. They’re just trained seals.

    I doubt many, if any, of them could explain to you the intellectual principles of their ideology. They’ve never taken courses in “Gramscian subversion” or whatnot. They’ve simply been filled full of b.s. every waking moment of their lives, with no other point of view ever allowed to intrude. They’re like stupid dogs, staring blankly at the t.v. and salivating.

  3. Our media is filled with lies, in many forums, and has been for a long time.

    How can people be so gullible as to consult anything called “fact checking”?

  4. Shocker NOT! Many of them wear the “r” label, too. “Fact checkers” really only came inio prominence when the Commies started going after Trump, fearing his appeal and power.


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