SHOCKER: Same Dirty Cops Who Committed Sedition on Mueller Gang Are Part of Jack Smith’s Gang | Joe Hoft


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SHOCKER: Same Dirty Cops Who Committed Sedition on Mueller Gang Are Part of Jack Smith’s Gang

Dirty Cops who should be in prison or worse for  their attempted coup of the Trump Administration are now part of the corrupt gang with Jack Smith going after President Trump. 

President Trump was under attack from Obama, Hillary, Biden, Rosenstein, Comey and corrupt actors within the DOJ.  They went after President Trump as part of a coup and are still at it.

The Obama, Hillary, Biden and Mueller attempt to remove President Trump from office was criminal.  It was sedition.  A group of government goons went after the President of the United States and nearly got away with it.  When that failed they tried to impeach President Trump.

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Then after that didn’t work, they stole the 2020 Election from President Trump.  It was stolen because it never should have been certified. You can read all about this in the following set of books.

After all this they weren’t done.  These evil beings behind the coups and the crimes set up innocent people on Jan 6 and are still going after them.  These goons put these innocents in jail and in prison.  Some have rotted in jails for nearly 3 years without trials.  This is criminal too.  Everything these evil monsters do is criminal.

Now we find out that the same goons and criminals who went after President Trump are still at it.  They are the same goons who are part of Jack Smith’s gang going after President Trump.

Conservative Treehouse reports:

I have long been saying the Jack Smith special counsel team is the reassembly of the Robert Mueller team.  Today, inside an article {SEE HERE} outlining other ancillary matters about the 2020 election challenges, Politico inadvertently confirmed my suspicions.

First, the non-pretending BIG PICTURE.   The Clinton exoneration FBI Team became the Trump investigation FBI Team (Crossfire Hurricane) -which then became the Robert Mueller FBI Team (exact same people, plus some additions) – which then became the J6 Investigation FBI Team (exact same people, plus some additions) – which then became the Jack Smith FBI Team (same exact people).  Not only is it one long continuum, but it’s also the EXACT SAME PEOPLE.

So, the Politico Article, discussing the FBI Agents and the DOJ officials who signed the subpoena that stemmed from Jack Smith, is not really surprising other than the confirmation of the same DC-based FBI agents and DC-based Lawfare operatives.

The Politico article goes on to report:

[…] While the federal court filings don’t name the FBI agents, a police report released to POLITICO this week with the video under the Maryland Public Information Act identifies them as Walter Giardina and Christopher Meyer. Meyer’s name is also visible in the paperwork accompanying the subpoena seen in the bodycam video.

Giardina, who is assigned to the FBI’s Washington Field Office and like Floyd is a former Marine and an Iraq War veteran, has had roles in a number of high-profile, politically charged cases in recent years. He worked with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, including on aspects of the investigation of potential foreign influence on Trump 2016 campaign adviser Michael Flynn, who briefly served as national security adviser in the first weeks of Trump’s administration.

Giardina also took part in the arrest of another former Trump aide, Peter Navarro, in a Reagan National Airport jetway in 2022 on charges of defying subpoenas from the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot and Trump’s broader efforts to overturn the 2020 election. (read more)

All these evil and criminal actors in the DOJ and FBI need to be identified, round up and placed in the DC gulag while they wait their cases related to the coup and numerous crimes committed in their attempts to overthrow and imprison President Trump and the the good Americans supporting him. 

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