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SHOCKER: Voting Machine Glitches Flipping Votes in Pennsylvania Election Today


Per a local report out of Bethlehem, PA: (emphasis added)

A flaw in Northampton County’s voting machines forced multiple polling places to turn to provisional ballots Tuesday morning.

A programming error with the county’s ES&S ExpressVote XL machines is causing votes to flip when voters split their votes on retention questions for Superior Court judges Jack Panella and Victor P. Stabile. Panella, of Palmer Township, is a Democrat while Stabile is a former chair of the Cumberland County Republican Committee.

If a voter cast a “Yes” vote for one of the incumbents, but a “No” vote for the other, the votes come out flipped, Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure said.

McClure characterized the error as relatively minor and stressed all votes will be counted. But he expressed his frustration that the mistake wasn’t caught during pre-election testing.

“I’m livid at the election folks and ES&S,” McClure said. staff found poll workers across the county pulled their machines off-line and relied on provisional ballots when the error was discovered in the early hours after voting precincts opened.. After the first few reports, county officials texted all locations to keep workers informed, according to a county news release.

But Northampton County Judge Abe Kassis ruled Tuesday morning that the county could continue to use the machines, McClure said. In cases where the error would pop up for the retention question, the county would flip the results during the post-election canvass. This followed a recommendation by the Pennsylvania Department of State, McClure said.

Glenn Geissinger, chair of the Northampton County Republican Committee, said his party intends to appeal this decision.

Local news was all over the system errors.

Why was the Secretary of State’s office so willing to put the machines back in service after hearing they were producing erroneous results?

UPDATE: The glitch was caused by a “coding error”

This is just one more reason to get rid of election systems and replace with paper ballots. 

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  1. Just as “Windows” operating systems are in many brands of computers, the same operating system is in all of the “vote counting” machines. Fox should be suing Dominion to retrieve its money, as Dominion claimed the system couldn’t do it.


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