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SHOCKER: Far Left TIME Warns that Joe Biden’s Campaign Is In Trouble


Now even TIME warns that Joe Biden’s campaign is off the rails. 

If a liberal communist is having trouble winning over TIME there must be a problem.

The Mainstream Media, MSM, Big Media, Legacy Media, whatever you want to call the organizations that write for the Deep State and support the destruction of America, are in a panic.

TIME shares this morning:

Last June, Barack Obama slipped into the White House to deliver a warning to Joe Biden. The state of Biden’s re-election campaign was shaky, Obama told him over a private lunch, according to a Democrat briefed about the meeting. Defeating Donald Trump would be harder in 2024. The mood of the country was sour. Persuading unhappy voters was going to be difficult. Biden needed to move more aggressively to make the race a referendum on Trump, Obama advised.

The former President left believing the current one had gotten the memo. But over the next six months, Obama saw few signs of improvement. In December, he returned to the White House at Biden’s invitation. This time, Obama’s message was more urgent. He expressed concern the re-election campaign was behind schedule in building out its field operations, and bottlenecked by Biden’s insistence on relying upon an insular group of advisers clustered in the West Wing, according to the same Democratic insider. Biden needed to get it together, or Trump would sweep the seven key battleground states in November, six of which Biden carried in 2020.

Three months later, the 2024 general election is under way, and Biden is indeed in trouble. His stubbornly low approval ratings have sunk into the high 30s, worse than those of any other recent President seeking re-election. He’s trailed or tied Trump in most head-to-head matchups for months. Voters express concerns about his policies, his leadership, his age, and his competency. The coalition that carried Biden to victory in 2020 has splintered; the Democrats’ historic advantage with Black, Latino, and Asian American voters has dwindled to lows not seen since the civil rights movement. Despite an attempted insurrection, 88 felony charges, and a record that prompts former aides to warn of the dangers of reinstalling him in office, Trump has never, in three campaigns for the presidency, been in as strong a position to win the White House as he is now. If the election were held tomorrow, more than 30 pollsters, strategists, and campaign veterans from both parties tell TIME, Biden would likely lose.

This of course is full of lies.  Obama didn’t just stop in the White House a couple of times over the past few months, he clearly is the one running the White House.  Also, Biden/Obama didn’t win the last election.  It was stolen and they all know it.

Biden is in terrible physical shape.  The communists ruining this country would love to see Biden steal another election so they could claim that President Trump was beaten again (another lie) and push this imbecile in front of the cameras to demoralize America.

The article goes on and on, ignoring the horror of the Biden economy, massive spending and billions to non-Americans and Ukraine.  It ignores the millions flowing into the US, a “military invasion” as Michael Yon calls it.  It ignores that Biden stole the 2020 Election and used every tool he could to do it.  And finally, it ignores the four dead Americans from Jan 6, the Deep State media and censorship, the tyranny from the top and the hundreds of political prisoners that Biden has imprisoned.  It also ignores the corrupt, criminal, and unconstitutional court cases Biden’s corrupt DOJ is pushing against President Trump.

These people are evil.  It’s not a campaign, it’s a country we are fighting for.

Liberal communists are not worried.  Joe Biden’s campaign is not in trouble – not as long as they can steal the next election. 

2 thoughts on “SHOCKER: Far Left TIME Warns that Joe Biden’s Campaign Is In Trouble”

  1. The Eunuch Coward GOP have done absolutely NOTHING to fix the election fraud from the last POTUS election. Trump will lose again. The End. (I pray that I am wrong).

  2. At least half of the Republicans in DC, and in blue states are communists in disguise, and they play the role of “good people, but can’t execute well”.

    This globalist ruse has been going on for decades, and they felt ready to execute the great reset with Hillary in 2016, but undercover of propaganda. The plan had to go forward with more urgency in 2020 so they did a big push and got exposed. They believe they can lie their way through it with propaganda and legacy media they own, but that is backfiring.

    The current effort’s groundwork started with Obama in his first term, and with legal cover from the Smith-Mundt act of 2012 in Obama’s second term, they increased the frequency of media lies to all their globalist-owned outlets, which includes city newspapers, in large and small markets, cable news, magazines like Time and Newsweek.

    Party politics across the nation at the state and federal level are already centralized for both parties. They tell the people what they need while promoting monopolization. They do not care if there is an issue that percolates to the state party from grassroots, the globalist narrative agenda always overrides the needs of the people for both policy and candidates.


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