SHOCKER: Democrat Judge in FOX News-Dominion Case Says All Statements About Dominion Were False | Joe Hoft


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SHOCKER: Democrat Judge in FOX News-Dominion Case Says All Statements About Dominion Were False


The Delaware judge in the FOX News and Dominion case ruled that the statements that FOX News made about Dominion were all false.  

Judge Eric Davis is registered as a Democrat.

This judge is clearly not an expert in IT security.

The judge in the FOX News and Dominion case has determined that all the statements that FOX News made about Dominion were false.

A judge in Delaware has ordered a jury trial in Dominion Voting Systems’ blockbuster lawsuit against Fox News, setting the stage for one of the most consequential defamation decisions against an American media company in decades.

Lawyers for Fox and Dominion faced off in court during a two-day hearing for summary judgment last week, with each side unsuccessfully arguing the court should rule in their favor and forgo a jury trial that is expected to span weeks and could further bring to light internal discussions at the network following the 2020 election.

Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis rejected Fox’s attempt to throw out the suit ahead of trial, and he ruled that Dominion has proven the first elements of their defamation claim: namely, that the network’s statements about Dominion and the 2020 election were false.

But he ruled that a jury must decide whether Fox operated with actual malice.

“The evidence developed in this civil proceeding demonstrates that is CRYSTAL clear than none of the Statements relating to Dominion about the 2020 election are true. Therefore, the Court will grant summary judgment in favor of Dominion on the element of falsity,” the ruling read.

Judge Davis clearly has no IT experience.  He must not be aware of how Obama Judge Amy Totenberg ordered an audit of the Dominion machines in Georgia and then has kept it under lock and key ever since.

CISA looked at the report and came out with its own report (the Halderman report has still not been released) stating in part that a bad actor to flip elections if obtaining access to the election machines used in Georgia.

Also, former Dominion executive Eric Coomer and other executives expressed serious concerns about the security of its machines.

Mark Beckstrand, a Dominion Sales Manager, confirmed that other parties “have gotten ahold of [Dominion’s] equipment illicitly” in the past. Beckstrand identified specific instances in Georgia and North Carolina and testified that a Dominion machine was “hacked” in Michigan. Beckstrand confirmed that these security failures were “reported about in the news.”

And just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, Dominion’s Director of Product Strategy and Security, Eric Coomer, acknowledged in private that “our shit is just riddled with bugs.” According to the brief, in 2019, Coomer noted that “our products suck.” He lamented that “[a]lmost all” of Dominion’s technological failings were “due to our complete f— up in installation.”

And this weekend – an election machine symposium performed by a group IT experts identified and explained numerous issues with the voting machines used in US elections, not just Dominion but all the voting systems.  These systems appear to be designed for bad actor interference.

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