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SHOCKER: Biden Regime Replacing Zuckerbucks – Funding 2024 Election


In 2020 Zuckerbucks poured into swing states to assist election steals there. In 2024 the Biden regime is replacing Zuckerbucks. 

The Biden regime is jumping into the 2024 election and funding the election processes in place of Zuckerbucks.

NPR reported this week:

So when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced last year that it would require a portion of a multibillion-dollar grant program to go toward election security, much of the voting community celebrated — even if it was just a sliver of the money many experts say is ultimately needed.

“This new funding has the potential to provide meaningful support to our guardians of democracy,” elections experts Larry Norden and Derek Tisler of the Brennan Center for Justice wrote at the time. “It is also a meaningful statement from the federal government that it understands threats of physical violence against those who run our elections are a threat to our democracy itself.”

But NPR has learned that in many cases, the grant allocations did not go as planned.

Multiple election officials and experts told NPR that at least some portion of the money either did not actually go to reinforcing the country’s voting infrastructure, or was spent in a haphazard manner with little thought to what was most necessary ahead of a highly contentious presidential election that has many voting officials fearful for their safety.

“That money could be really significant in buying basic things like keycard access to make sure that nobody can get in to reach voting machines, or bulletproof glass,” Norden said, in an interview with NPR. “It’s disappointing that in some cases, election officials around the country didn’t feel like they got what they needed.”

The money comes from an annual grant program, administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, which is meant to help state and local governments prepare for and prevent terrorism and disasters. For some of the grants, DHS designates priority areas to further target what the money is spent on, and in 2023, the agency designated election security as one of those priorities.

In total in 2023, DHS allocated more than $2 billion in preparedness grants, with at least $30.9 million supposed to go toward supporting election security.

It’s unclear exactly how much of that money actually went to what voting officials in those places would have deemed effective, but it’s clear that at least a sizable portion did not.

One state election official told NPR that they were not consulted by the emergency management coordinator in their state before the election security money was allocated, and instead were told how it would be spent just a few days before the deadline for the grant application. The official did not have permission to speak publicly, but spoke to NPR about their experience with the grant program on condition of anonymity.

After asking for months to be involved in the process, the week of the grant application deadline, the election official said they joined a call with their statewide emergency management coordinator who laid out their plans for the election security money.

The election official was most struck by one line item during the meeting: Tens of thousands of dollars were slated to be spent on cybersecurity risk assessments for local governments.

The only problem?

Those exact services are already offered to local governments by the federal government at no charge.

“They were completely duplicative of things we could get for free,” the official said.

In 2020 CTCL was given $400 million from Mark Zuckerberg’s wife and this money was spread around the country in multiple swing states.  We don’t know exactly what it was used for but we know that it benefitted the Democrat steal.

Below is a description of the effect of Zuckerbucks on the 2020 election.

Where does this money really go? It’s likely that it is used to pay ballot mules manufacture and insert ballots into the election process.

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