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Sheila Matthews from AbleChild Discusses Big Media’s Cover up of Big Pharma Drugs Given to Maine’s Mass Murderer


Sheila Matthews from AbleChild obtained a host of documents used by the media in their reporting of the Robert Card mass murders and identified some material pieces of information that are missing or incorrect.

We shared this information that Matthews obtained and shared it in an article yesterday.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Authorities in Maine Withholding the Drugs Authorized to Mass Murderer Robert Card and Who Made the Authorization

The problem with the state’s reaction to the murders is that the state’s AG office denied that there was a psychiatrist treating or Card.

Cards health records are missing.

We also have no idea what treatment he received after receiving a DUI in 2007.

We also have no idea what drugs Card was taking.

Matthews shared all this on the War Room yesterday.

Big Media is protecting Big Pharma and not releasing information on the seriousness of the medications taken by mass murderers.  Instead, Big Media focuses on the guns. 

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