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SERIOUSLY: Has Anyone Been Targeted and Censored More than Joe Hoft and The Gateway Pundit?

Who has been censored more than Joe Hoft and The Gateway Pundit?

Late last week Tucker Carlson released an interview with military censorship expert Mike Benz who explained the history and actions behind today’s military censorship complex.   The one-hour interview is included in the post below:

CENSORSHIP EXPERT BENZ ON TUCKER – “What I’m Describing Is Military Rule…It’s The Inversion of Democracy.”

In the interview, Benz describes in detail the history behind the manipulation of the media by the military complex.  The tools created to manage information in targeted areas was developed over time and used by the military as eventually one of its greatest tools in information warfare.

These tools were eventually used against the people and the media in the United States.

We don’t know if the Mainstream Media (Big Media) was all far-left zealots at this time or if they were being directed by the military complex but it was clear that the media was on the side of Hillary Clinton in 2016.  President Trump pointed out that this was the case and a UCLA study at that time confirmed President Trump’s beliefs.

Benz discusses how the military information complex that used its tools in Ukraine in 2014 began using these tools against good Americans after President Trump’s win in 2016.   Benz talks about how this military complex was involved in looking back at the media before the 2016 election.  A couple of studies came out in 2016 that identified The Gateway Pundit as one of the new media giants that impacted the election and supported a Trump win.  The military complex was backing Hillary because she aligned with its objectives and activities across the globe.

These efforts to review what happened in the 2016 election were reported after the election.  I prepared a piece that was posted at The Gateway Pundit about a Harvard study that listed The Gateway Pundit as one of the top conservative sites that reported favorably on candidate Trump before the 2016 election.

One year later I performed a study for The Gateway Pundit where I showed that the traffic for the top 10 conservative sites identified in the above study had their Facebook traffic reduced by 93% since the 2016 election.  At the same time Facebook said it was not censoring conservatives.

A study in 2018 smeared The Gateway Pundit as fake news and recommended it be banned.  It’s now likely that this study was somehow connected to the military complex’s efforts to destroy free speech and prevent the truth from being shared with Americans.

Benz describes all the efforts that this military complex used against Americans to prevent the truth from being heard.  The CISA was created and used as a hub for censorship.  This entity also involved itself in the 2020 Election.  Remember how Chris Krebs said this was the most secure election in US history?

Now we know that the US government was working against Americans and doing its best to prevent the truth from being shared across the country and the world.

In 2020 I was targeted and doxed by Media Matters for reporting the truth about the real mortality behind the COVID virus.  While the WHO claimed that COVID mortality was 3.4% I uncovered that the truth was it was closer to the mortality of the flu virus.

Next came the Hunter Biden laptop.  When I published five articles about the sick and seedy pictures and texts found on Hunter’s laptop before the 2020 Election, I was censored by Twitter.

Then came the 2020 election.

Day after day The Gateway Pundit produced report after report about how the processes, systems and support were all either fraudulent or corrupted.  Some of these reports received a huge amount of interest because few other sites were willing to investigate or lacked the professional background required to identify what was truly going on.

I put my reports at the Gateway Pundit from this time period in my books on the 2020 Election.  These best sellers are available at Amazon.

By January 2, 2021, I was removed from Twitter and despite a number of requests, have not been given my account back.

Benz shared about the Election Integrity Project (EIP).  This effort by the military censorship complex targeted my work at The Gateway Pundit.  TGP was the number one entity targeted by the EIP before and after the 2020 Election.

Benz’s interview is well worth watching.  He lays it all out.  He knows the history behind the military censorship operation used against good Americans.

Our military used information warfare against us. 

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  1. I post many article from Gateway Pundit and from Joe Hoft site and those articles are shadow banned by facebook. Virtually no one sees them.


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