Scott Presler Sure Is a Nice Guy But His Effort to Increase GOP Mail-In Ballots Will Help the Corrupt Democrats | Joe Hoft


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Scott Presler Sure Is a Nice Guy But His Effort to Increase GOP Mail-In Ballots Will Help the Corrupt Democrats

Scott Presler is a very nice guy.  He has made a name for himself supporting President Trump and wants to continue to help.  However, his latest effort might actually hurt the President.

Scott Presler is a gentleman.  He cares for the country and has made a name for himself in doing so.  He is a really nice guy.

Presler went around the country in 2020 cleaning up cities destroyed by Democrat policies.  He cleaned up inner city lots and got rid of dumpsters full of garbage.  This was a really great act that he performed for many reasons.  He pointed out the failure of inner-city politics and performed an immediate positive response in the process.

But now Pressler is pushing for GOP voters to vote early in the upcoming elections.  He somehow came to the conclusion that by voting early through mail-in ballots, that is how they won the 2020 Election.

This is absolutely incorrect.

The Democrats stole the 2020 Election by committing every single corrupt act they could think of.  Their votes weren’t legitimate.  Their votes were fraudulent.  The Democrats filled the voter rolls with bogus names and addresses and then used these names and addresses to associate with Biden votes.

They cheated.

It doesn’t matter how many Americans vote for President Trump, they will steal it again if things don’t change.

The GOP needs to prevent cheating.  This is done with strong controls put in place to prevent election fraud.

Having GOP voters vote early will not do this.

Yes, we all know that election crimes were committed to steal the 2022 Election from Kari Lake.

The answer is to arrest the election fraudsters.  The answer is not to provide the fraudsters information on the number of votes needed to steal the election before election day.

The more time that the Democrat and RINO criminals have to plan their election fraud the easier it is for them to commit their fraud.

Why give these crooks any help in stealing an election?

Scott Presler is a nice guy.  He is dead wrong on his solution to win the 2020 Election. 


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