Rush Limbaugh Discusses GWP Post – Mueller Investigation Desperate As Obama Illegal Spying Uncovered

Yesterday on the Rush Limbaugh radio show, the number one talk radio show in the US for years, Rush highlighted a post from the Gateway Pundit entitled: Mueller Investigation Desperate As More Information About Obama’s Illegal Spying Is Uncovered.

Rush shared with his TV Audience the following –

I said “Donald Trump runs the Department of Justice.” Now, let’s look at the Mueller investigation. I have a story here. It’s at Gateway Pundit. Headline: “Mueller Investigation Desperate As More Information About Obama’s Illegal Spying Is Uncovered.

Do you realize what’s happening here? The Mueller investigation keeps hiring people, and they can’t find a crime. There wasn’t a Trump crime that got the special counsel going. Remember we’ve talked about this. The special counsel regulation, law, whatever it is, specifies that the attorney general or acting attorney general has to have an underlying crime for which a special counsel to pursue. Well, this doesn’t have that.

They had nothing but allegations of collusion with the Russians based on a phony dossier put together with Democrat operatives working with the Russians. You know, the golden showers dossier. There’s nothing in it that’s true, and it forms the basis of the Mueller investigation. It formed the basis of the Obama effort to get Trump investigated in the first place. There’s nothing there. And Mueller hasn’t found it.

What’s to be found, though, there was election rigging. It happened in the Democrat Party. There were crimes that Hillary Clinton committed with her email server. An election was rigged, and it has been documented, and it can be proven. And it happened on the Democrat side. And it happened with Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and Hillary Clinton.

Now, my point here is that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mueller investigation is discovering some of this stuff and they’re frustrated. This is not what they want to find. They can’t find any Trump crimes, is what I’m hearing. They continue to search in vain for a Trump crime.

Congrats to the Gateway Pundit for more news worthy of the best!