Ronna Romney McDaniel Refutes Claims That She’s Resigning with a “Non-Answer Answer” | Joe Hoft


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Ronna Romney McDaniel Refutes Claims That She’s Resigning with a “Non-Answer Answer”


Ronna Romney McDaniel shared a message today that makes it sound like she is not resigning as the Head of the GOP. 

According to reports Romney-McDaniel is not resigning as head of the GOP.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel dispelled rumors that she is resigning from her position in a memo sent to RNC members on Wednesday. …

“Myself and my staff are refusing to be distracted by the outside noise and we remain committed to our mission – rumors to the contrary are simply not true. Nothing has changed and there will not be any changes decided on until after South Carolina, when we may have our eventual nominee,” the memo reads.

But Romney isn’t really clear about much in her message.

Romney doesn’t come right out and say she is resigning.  She instead shares that she remains committed to “our” mission  “Our” apparently means herself and her staff.

But it could mean that she is not going to be distracted by “outside noise” as she packs up her belongings and moves out.

She does say that rumors are “simply not true” and that “nothing has changed”.

She completes her short note by state that after South Carolina “we may have our eventual nominee”.   Well, of course we will.  Duh.

We will have a nominee after South Carolina and after Super Tuesday and by the time of the RNC Convention as well.

If this is how Romney-McDaniel writes messages, she never should have been in her position as Head of the RNC at all.  No wonder she lost elections and let them get stolen.  Her team was too busy trying to figure out what she means when she opens her mouth (with those big lips) and says something.

What a disgrace Romney-McDaniel is.  She should never have been put in the position as the Head of the GOP and she should have resigned in 2018. 




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