Ron DeSantis to Join the Race Backed by Big Money and MAGA Haters | Joe Hoft


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Ron DeSantis to Join the Race Backed by Big Money and MAGA Haters

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joins the race to defeat President Trump.

Do you really believe that Ron DeSantis will bring justice back to the Justice Department?  Do you think he really cares about the Russia – collusion coup of the Trump Presidency?  Do you believe that DeSantis cares about the 2020 stolen election and 2022 stolen races?  

DeSantis’s actions indicate that he does not care about these things and won’t care if he were to win the Presidency.  Is this really what you want?

Today Ron DeSantis is planning to announce his run for President.  His travel records have been sealed and his state now will allow him to run and not lose his governorship.  Big money is behind him.  Elon Musk and Rupert Murdock are on the bandwagon and their man is ready to run.

Conservative Treehouse shares the following:

…(1) DeSantis will first meet with the billionaire donors at the Four Seasons Hotel for an exclusive campaign launch (the donors).  (2) Then DeSantis we be hosted by Twitter CEO Elon Musk for an exclusive Twitter Spaces announcement (social media, influencers).  Then DeSantis will participate in a first of many Fox News promotions, hosted by Trey Gowdy in the 8pm hour formerly occupied by Tucker Carlson (Rupert Murdoch).  Immediately following the Fox News interview, DeSantis will be hosted by Mark Levin at 8:30pm (the Israeli lobby).

Sea Island, Social Media influencers, Murdoch then Israel. That’s the background of the DeSantis coalition as it relates to the priority of their role in the campaign. These are the groups behind the management team of Ron DeSantis {Go Deep}…

…The people behind Ron DeSantis have been preparing this 2024 landscape for several years.  Everything about the DeSantis campaign is built upon a foundation of lies, manipulation and fraud.  The teams that have assembled to support DeSantis are financed and paid well for their efforts.  There are trillions at stake, and DeSantis will have more money than any political candidate in the history of U.S. politics.  Again, this is a reference point for the scale of our corrupt state.

The response to DeSantis running is mixed:

GOP pollster Ed Rollins shares:

Roger Stone shared:

Let’s not forget that DeSantis has been running for some time.  His alignment with Governor Kemp from Georgia is very concerning and his events to date are pathetic.

Say no more:

This young lady says it all – DeSantis has been running for months.

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