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ROGER STONE Said Nothing Wrong



Republished with permission

Over the last several days I have fallen victim to yet another attack by the Democrat-Media complex…

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Over the last several days I have fallen victim to yet another attack by the Democrat-Media complex, which remains apoplectic over my involvement in helping President Donald Trump secure a victory in his 2024 re-election campaign.

The same apparatus that lied ad nauseum about the phony Russiagate hoax for years, smearing my name with the false smear of Russian collusion and the false narrative that I played some role in the timing and release of the Wikileaks disclosures that were so devastating to Hillary Clinton’s campaign or had any advance knowledge, condoned or wa involved in any illegal act on January 6th, or played any role in the effort to delay the certification of the Electoral College vote by the Congress that day has launched s launched yet another baseless assault

On March 23, 2024, I had the pleasure of attending a private event at the wonderful Mar-A-Lago club. The event was for a group called ‘Catholics For Trump.’  I spoke proudly at that gathering which celebrated my Catholic heritage, of which I am extremely proud. Throughout my battles with the most vile and evil aspects of government and politics, it has been my redemption in Christ and my Catholic faith, particularly in more recent years, that I credit with guiding me to serenity, peace, and safety, as well as giving me the strength to continue the fight for our great nation.

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At the ‘Catholics For Trump’ event, I was accosted by two inappropriately dressed females that posed as fangirls. During our encounters, which occurred both in the main ballroom of Mar-A-Lago, as well as outside the main building on the property, I was surreptitiously and illegally recorded by these two women.

Here Is the actual transcript of the full illegal recording that was posted by Windsor:

*Ballroom At Mar-A-Lago*

WINDSOR: “Do you mind taking a photo with me, Mr. Stone?”

STONE: “Sure.”

WINDSOR: You’re in a position to know more than anybody else. How are
you feeling about the election?

STONE: Too Early To Say

WINDSOR: Biden Can’t Win Again

STONE: No, but it can be stolen again

WINDSOR: We’re in a whole – but there’s gotta be something we do to
prevent that.

STONE: We’re working on that, but I’m not just, I’m not saying that I’m
totally confident yet, because I’m not. By the way in 2020, only 65% of
evangelical Christians bothered to vote. So when you tell people, “Oh
we’re doing great,” then this (inaudible) thing. “I don’t have to worry
about voting.” That’s our biggest – overconfidence is one of our giant
problems right now among our own people.

WINDSOR: But so what are we going to do to stop it, though?

STONE: I’ll tell you the same thing I told her (Points to other
unattractive operative) we’re working on it. We’re working on it:
lawyers, judges, technology,

WINDSOR: Governors?

STONE: Some, but there aren’t many with any guts.

WINDSOR: We gotta use every lever we can.

STONE: We are doing that. Alright, nice to meet you.

WINDSOR: You’re doing the Lord’s work.

STONE: Thank you (leaves)

Windsor associate Ally Sammarco approached Stone at at TPUSA Event in Palm Beach. This is also in the video Windsor posted on her X account.

ALLY SAMMARCO: I genuinely think you’re an American hero. Yeah,
yeah, I wanted to ask you, it’s such an important election year, and I
wanted to get your take on this. What are we going to do – this election
you know because Democrats stole it (last time).

STONE: Yes, but we’re gonna, between now and then, we’re going to
work very hard and very smart to try to make sure that doesn’t happen.
So far, given the incredible power they have and they will use
ruthlessly, we are beating them as of today. So in the end –

ALLY: How are we beating them? Because at this point —

STONE: The president’s trial in Georgia is falling apart. I think the judge
Is on the the verge of dismissing the charges against him in Florida.
They’re delayed in New York City and they’re now delayed in
Washington. So it’s not clear that they can have a trial before the
election, which is the absolute key to being able to convince people
that the reason we lost was ‘cause of the trial. Right now, if they they
steal it, people will say, “Well that’s not possible. Trump was leading in
all the polls.” They want to try him, suck up his money, suck up his time,
and create the reason why their theft in plausible, believable. You see?

ALLY: What stops them from just like – voter fraud? Like ballot

STONE: In some states it’ll be easier to stop. In other places, it won’t.
But at least this time, when they do it, you have a lawyer and a judge,
his home phone number standing by so you can stop it. We made no
preparations last time, none.

ALLY: Well, I was at the Capitol on January 6, so I’m prepared to go

STONE: Well, that may not be necessary. There are technical, legal
steps that we have to take to try to have a more honest election. We’re
not there yet, but there are things that can be done.

ALLY: Like what ?

STONE: Changes in state law, real time voter list monitoring, going to
court as we just did to challenge some of the vote laws. The election is
not tomorrow We challenged, we went into court to sure in Michigan
over the hand ballots. We should be suing in hald a dozen places. I
mean we’re finally now on offensive footing. Remember, the
Republican National Committee raised $200 Million, and they didn’t
spend any of it to try to get cleaner elections, or to look at what
happened last time. We now finally have control of that. Don’t be
discouraged. We’re gonna win.

ALLY: So they’re gonna spend, the RNC’s gonna spend more money now
that Lara…

STONE: Far more…

ALLY: Do you want to get a picture?

STONE: Sure.

The media distortion of my illegally recorded remarks is breathtaking, as you can see from these headlines below:

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