Roger Stone Came Out with His Annual Best and Worst Dressed List – You Can Guess Who’s on It | Joe Hoft


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Roger Stone Came Out with His Annual Best and Worst Dressed List – You Can Guess Who’s on It

Roger Stone came out with his annual best and worst dressed list.  Many people on the list are as expected, some not so much. 

Roger Stone came out with his best and worst dressed list and there are some surprises.  Here are sections of Roger’s list that can be found here.

On this New Year’s Day we return to a tradition, and for the 15th year I post my International Best & Worst Dressed List. I undertook this tradition when the late Mr. Blackwell, a Hollywood columnist who produced his own List every year for 48 years, passed away in 2008. I published NO List in 2020, because I was gagged from all public communication by a federal judge and NO List for 2021, because my wife had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, from which, I am happy to report, she is in total remission.

It was hard enough coming up with the list of the Best and Worst Dressed ladies and gentlemen prior to the development of the transgender phenomena in which men wear women’s clothing, and vice versa.

This makes it even more difficult.

This List is, however, not political, as I would note that late Senator Ted Kennedy was in my Best Dressed List for several years and MAGA podcaster Steve Bannon once again graces our Worst Dressed List this year. The List is nonpartisan and entirely non-ideological and I have to fight the urge to inject politics into it. Blackwell spent decades reporting on who were the very best and very worst dressed people in the world. His scorn or imprimatur could be the kiss of death or key to the city for the aspiring actress, socialite or business titan, and his withering criticism could destroy the up and coming…

A “Lifetime Achievement” category became necessary when a handful of true dandies and swans dominated the List for several years. In order to create room for the up and coming, we moved them to this category of sartorial perfection.

Larry Kudlow topped this list with others receiving mention as well.

This year, former and future First Lady Melania Trump, honored on this list in previous years, joins the Lifetime Achievement category. America has not had a more stylish, chic, cultured and well dressed First Lady since Jackie Kennedy. No one has deserved the cover of Vogue more.  (See picture above.)

The Best dressed list starts with Mayor Eric Adams:

The list mentions many, including Tom Brady, Zendaya, and the always well dressed Brannon Howse from Lindell TV.

The worst dressed list is not too surprising.  The list includes Ron DeSantis, Jill Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, and Senator John Fetterman.

Another top Democrat to make the list is Sam Brinton.


You can’t argue these last two that’s for sure. 

See Roger’s substack for the entire list here.

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