RNC Doesn’t Care About Stolen Elections – Willing to Have 2024 Stolen | Joe Hoft


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RNC Doesn’t Care About Stolen Elections – Willing to Have 2024 Stolen

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany And RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Hold News Conference At RNC HQ

The RNC doesn’t care about stolen elections.  The RNC doesn’t even recognize elections are being stolen. 

Guest post by Jay Valentine

The 2024 national and state elections will be won or lost not with consultants, ads, yard signs or harvesting ballots at evangelical churches, but with the aggressive application of advanced technology.

We live in a tech-driven age.

Unfortunately, this past week, the Fractal team learned the RNC wasted tens of millions of dollars investing in obsolete, 1980s technology.  If left to the RNC data team, GOP candidates will lose every close election in 2024.

The appalling, 50% wrong canvassing lists RNC provided in 2020 and 2022, its inability to deliver real-time voter roll analysis in Arizona, its total blindness to armies of phantoms in every state – is the prelude to the same incompetence – applied at scale – in 2024.

The RNC hasn’t innovated – 2024 will be 2022 revisited!

2024 will see America flooded with mail-in ballots.

Hundreds of thousands of those ballots, in each swing state, go to people who cannot receive them.  Those ballots collect on apartment building floors, at the 7-11, the Walmart and hundreds of other locations where they will be mailed, but nobody lives there.

The U.S. Post Office, in perhaps its only act of efficiency, collects those ballots – as we proved they did in 2020 and 2022 – and gives them to the leftists.

This is not news to anyone.  The clueless RNC, however, has no way to stop this travesty – after tens of millions of dollars invested in “technology.”

Our chat with the RNC showed they aren’t even thinking about how to stop the single most obvious upcoming attack the leftists are implementing – the same one used in 2020 and 2022!

The Fractal team, now working with legislators in 21 states, providing live comparisons of official county property tax rolls compared with official voter rolls, showed the RNC what Fractal is delivering – to their clients.

Fractal showed a live demo – Nevada, Florida, Wisconsin voter rolls.

In a single click, –  3,450 Nevada residents registered in hotels.  Another click – registered voters over 125 years old.  Another click – “voters” living in convenience stores, strip malls and laundromats.

Each “voter” can be mailed a 2024 ballot – not receive it – and every such loose ballot will likely be collected and voted in 2024 – against Republicans!

Good luck “ballot harvesting” when the leftists are ballot manufacturing all the ballots they need.

The Fractal team learned the RNC is screwing around with 1980s derivative technology in a “data lake.”  Our team asked the RNC to show how they could determine where every demonstrably ineligible ballot would go in 2024.  Crickets!

It’s not their fault – they are using 1980s technology!  Unfortunately, their 1980s technology is nothing compared with the leftist ballot manufacturing machines.

If this is where the RNC technology is today, it cannot possibly help in 2024 – it’s too late.

2,500 years ago, Herodotus said: “There is no force great enough to compel inability.”

There is no force that can get the RNC technology to modern in time for 2024.

The Fractal team told the RNC that America needed to have – in place in November, 2023, in every swing state – an Undeliverable Ballot Database, with real time identification of where every mail-in ballot would go – and not find an eligible voter.

A year before the 2024 election!

Fractal showed the RNC, across multiple states, how it’s done.  We asked to see how do it.


They can’t do it.

People, this is not a funny discovery, incompetent as it may be.  Americans know, with absolute certainty, the leftists are going to steal 2024 with mail-in ballots.  Everyone knows it – everyone.

There needs to be, in place a year before the election – a way to identify every one of those loose ballots – stopping them – or most of them – from being mailed in the first place.  This is a today problem, not something to be litigated after the Republicans lose, again, in 2024.

In high tech, where we live, one needs to establish a Minimum Viable Product.  That is the absolute basic deliverable; other features added later.

The Fractal team published the MVP almost a year ago.  Our current technology is way beyond the MVP – the RNC isn’t even close to it.  They can’t be, they are architecturally constrained by deep investments in obsolete technology.

Identifying where ballots will go, not find an eligible recipient, then collected to vote against Republicans – seems like a pretty good thing to know – a year BEFORE the election! 

Why are high tech guys from Austin the only ones doing it?

Why have tens of millions of dollars been spent on 1980s technology that cannot deliver real-time, AI-driven results?

Ask your RNC national committee person or state GOP chairperson.

We did.

We sent letters to each one, months ago, telling them the absolute must have for 2024 is a real-time analysis of voter rolls, compared with property rolls, finding where those loose ballots would accumulate.

That was over 200 letters – not a single acknowledgement.

We are the guys who built the eBay fraud detection engine.  We built the TSA No-Fly List technology, the fraud technology for State Farm, GEICO, USAA and most of the major insurers.  We built technology protecting the electric grid in major cities.

We have not lost major elections in 2020 and 2022 through demonstrable incompetence.  Maybe that is a requirement at the RNC.

But we know a lot about voter rolls and a lot about ballots being sent to locations where they accumulate.  We know that the 2024 election will be decided by how many loose ballots leftists can gather in 7 swing states – and vote against Trump and the Republican candidates.

We built a system, now being demonstrated in 21 states, including all the swing states, to solve this problem.

Maybe you should call your RNC committee person, or state chairperson, if you are a Republican, and ask them to show you their system to stop this steal.

Then call us, we are most happy to show you how we, and hundreds of state legislators, are doing it – now.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the technology for the TSA No-Fly List.  His Fractal team works with legislators in 21 states (and growing) implementing advanced, real-time technology to save the 2024 election.  He can be reached at Omega4America.com.  X formerly Twitter AmericaOme17300

6 thoughts on “RNC Doesn’t Care About Stolen Elections – Willing to Have 2024 Stolen”

  1. This verifies what I’ve been saying for at least 3 years. The Left is very well organized and in control. They are putting the money in the right places and getting it to the right people. And their empty promises will win the minds and emotions of votes. The Republicans are a bunch of wussies who do nothing more than sit back and talk. It’s all fancy words with no action.

  2. Please stop talking about this in terms of the obsolete left/right paradigm. It is the political whores on the payroll of the globalists vs the ever shrinking number of nationalists that refuse to believe that there are political whores. The “tricks” the political whores turn is the money laundering of tax dollars to globalist industries which pays the political whores in donations in order to continue the cycle. The majority of the “right” are political whores as well.

  3. The Republicans don’t want to fix our outdated voting process`. If it was fixed all those crooks in Congress who have been entrenched for years would have been voted out years ago. Our electoral process has been corrupt for decades. The lifers in congress only concern is that they maintain their seat where they live like royalty hardly ever work, everything is paid for by all the working stiffs, etc. The system is corrupt from the White House all the way down to the county dog catcher. There’s only one way this can be fixed and that’s not going to`happen. America is a nation of unthinking, moronic cowards. We are definitely not going to vote our way out of this.


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