RINOs In Hawaii Causing Havoc in the GOP There Too | Joe Hoft


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RINOs In Hawaii Causing Havoc in the GOP There Too

RINOs in Hawaii are causing havoc in the GOP there too.

Guest post from information provided by Tamara McKay

The term “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) is often used to describe individuals within the Republican Party who are perceived as not genuinely adhering to the party’s principles and values. In Hawaii, the activities of RINOs have significantly contributed to division, distrust, infighting, and a tarnished image of the party. As the current State Chair of the Hawaii Republican Party, I have witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of these actions on our organization.

When I assumed the role of State Chair, I became the ninth person to hold this position in just over two and a half years, and I have been in this role for ten months so far. I inherited a party burdened with debt, a lien on our headquarters building threatening foreclosure, back taxes owed, and piling bills. My journey with the party began as the County Chair of Maui in 2021, and it has been a tumultuous ride ever since.

One of the most glaring issues has been the obstructionist behavior from within the party. From a former chair who refused to allow votes on crucial rules at a County Convention to efforts to undermine election integrity, the challenges have been immense. I have faced indirect threats and internal attempts to rig county elections. One of the many egregious examples was an attempt to grant voting rights to two unformed auxiliaries, clearly aimed at manipulating outcomes. When the President to be of one of the auxiliaries saw what was going on, he had enough integrity to excuse himself from the efforts.

The internal sabotage extended to an ex-chair who was removed from a district-level seat, only to have him continue his disruptive activities. Despite a failed appeal to retain his position, he persisted in causing discord. Thankfully, patriots within the party have stood firm against these divisive tactics, and he remained silent for a little while.

Our team on Maui worked tirelessly to strengthen the party and build the financial base, only to face pushback from state-level representatives who disputed our financial calculations. I have been reviewing the extensive notes, emails, and videos documenting these challenges, and it has been exhausting to revisit these events, highlighting the relentless battle we have fought to save and build the party in Hawaii.

A particularly stark moment of infighting occurred when I attended a Trump rally in Bullhead, Arizona. Two individuals asked to join, and their participation sparked an unprecedented level of obstruction and infighting. This led to an alleged coup attempt by HRP members to create a sub-committee on Maui, aimed at replacing the Maui County GOP with their allies and ensuring their slate’s success at the state convention. This subterfuge allegedly included enticing individuals to become delegates with paid accommodations, ensuring their control over the convention’s outcomes.

The obstructionists’ behavior has not been limited to political maneuvering. There have been numerous instances of questionable financial transactions, missing files, and allegations of intentional document shredding. Many individuals holding voting seats are inactive within the party, only participating when necessary to sway votes or stack the deck. Efforts to change rules have been met with fierce resistance, often weaponizing Robert’s Rules of Order to stifle progress and force dedicated Republicans out of the party.

Since taking the State Chair seat, we have made significant progress. We have eliminated debt, paid off taxes, removed the lien on our headquarters, downsized bills, completed three levels of the GROW program to aid in our financial stability, and sold our building for more than its appraised value. Despite these successes, the attacks from obstructionists continue unabated. Their aim is clear: control and dominance, regardless of the party’s overall health.

The ongoing resistance to rule changes, particularly those affecting delegate selection, underscores a broader agenda tied to the 2024 Presidential election. The rules committee’s proposed changes have been met with fierce opposition, revealing a possible deeper intent to maintain control over delegate selection and influence the party’s direction.

The entrenched elitist old guard appears to have orchestrated our party’s failures over the past 70 years, ensuring minimal success in electing Republicans. This is not solely due to Hawaii being a predominantly Democratic state but also because of deliberate actions to maintain the status quo. Financial mismanagement, cronyism, and questionable transactions have plagued the party, with many files suspiciously missing and stories of intentional shredding.

In my three years of involvement, I have encountered numerous individuals who only participate in party activities to vote when needed and stacking the deck in their favor as mentioned. Efforts to change rules have been met with significant resistance, using procedural tactics to stifle progress and, again, to force dedicated Republicans to resign or leave the party.

Despite these challenges, I have remained committed to the party and its  principles. The support and encouragement from our community, both within and outside Hawaii, fuel my determination to continue the fight. The words of Donald Trump, urging us to “Never give up,” resonate deeply with me as we strive to shed light on the disservice and malfeasance within our ranks.

Our fight is for the people and the future of our country. As more individuals wake up to the realities of our internal struggles, we will continue to stand firm, united in our commitment to truth, integrity, and the values we hold dear.


The RINO and obstructionists activities in Hawaii have caused significant harm to the Republican Party, undermining its integrity and effectiveness. However, through perseverance, dedication, and the support of patriots within and outside the state, we continue to fight for a stronger, more united party that truly represents the Republican and American values.


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