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REVISITED: Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

Is Barack Hussein Obama the Anti-Christ? 

In November 2008, days after Barack Hussein Obama won the Presidential Election, Newsweek came out with the article asking if Obama was the Anti-Christ.

Here are some sections from that article.

n Nov. 5, Todd Strandberg was at his desk, fielding E-mails from around the world. As the editor and founder of, his job is to track current events and link them to biblical prophecy in hopes of maintaining his status as “the eBay of prophecy,” the best source online for predictions and calculations concerning the end of the world. Already Barack Obama had drawn the attention of apocalypse watchers after an anonymous e-mail circulated among conservative Christians in October implying that he was the Antichrist…

Ever since Jesus Christ was crucified and, according to the Gospels, rose again in glory, his followers have been anticipating the end of history—the time when their Lord will return to earth and reign for a thousand years. The question has always been when. Most Christians don’t worry about the end too much; it’s an abstract concept, a theological puzzle for late-night pondering. A few, however, have always believed that it is coming—and soon. Millennialist movements, as they’re called, gain prominence especially when the world grows chaotic, during wars and at the turn of every century. According to a 2006 study by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, a third of white evangelicals believe the world will end in their lifetimes. These mostly conservative Christians believe a great battle is imminent. After years of tribulation—natural disasters, other cataclysms (such as the collapse of financial markets)—God’s armies will vanquish armies led by the Antichrist himself. He will be a sweet-talking world leader who gathers governments and economies under his command to further his own evil agenda. In this world view, “the spread of secular progressive ideas is a prelude to the enslavement of mankind,” explains Richard Landes, former director of the Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University.

No wonder, then, that Obama triggers such fear in the hearts of America’s millennialist Christians. Mat Staver, dean of Liberty University’s law school, says he does not believe Obama is the Antichrist, but he can see how others might. Obama’s own use of religious rhetoric belies his liberal positions on abortion and traditional marriage, Staver says, positions that “religious conservatives believe will threaten their freedom.” The people who believe Obama is the Antichrist are perhaps jumping to conclusions, but they’re not nuts: “They are expressing a concern and a fear that is widely shared,” Staver says.

Sixteen years later the answer to this question – Is Obama the Anti-Christ? – is still open. 

CNN noted in 2014 that Obama bombed 7 countries during his presidency and yet he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Not only did Obama start fires around the world during his presidency, he gave billions to Iran, the world’s number one terrorist nation.  The AP finally reported in 2016, after months of conservative news outlets like The Gateway Pundit reporting on this story, that Biden gave over $1 billion in cold hard cash to Iran.

The Obama administration acknowledged late Tuesday that its transfer of $1.7 billion to Iran earlier this year was made entirely in cash, using non-U.S. currency, as Republican critics of the transaction continued to denounce the payments.

Treasury Department spokeswoman Dawn Selak said in a statement the cash payments were necessary because of the “effectiveness of U.S. and international sanctions,” which isolated Iran from the international finance system.

If Obama was the Anti-Christ and he wanted to destroy the world, he would definitely start wars and give terrorist nations money to kill innocents.

Some people believe that Obama is currently running the country, hidden behind the scenes.  We all know that Biden isn’t able to run anything.  Biden can’t run to the bathroom in the middle of the night without help.

If Obama is running the US from behind the scenes that would be unconstitutional and therefore criminal, if not treasonous.  That sounds like something the Anti-Christ would do.

The Anti-Christ would also destroy the greatest country on earth and especially people’s rights and freedoms.  One way to do that would be economically.

The US today has its highest Debt ever reaching nearly $35 trillion.  America’s unfunded liabilities, the debt on promises to Americans through Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc…, are over $200 trillion.

America is fiscally broken. 

The US culture of fair judges and an honest justice system is gone.  We saw this in living color last week in the New York case, with a Soros-backed DA, a corrupt judge whose daughter is making tens of millions from those who hate Obama’s chief critic, and a corrupt jury.  President Trump was convicted of crimes that even Trump doesn’t know what they are.  The charges against President Trump that are so-called felonies are for actions like receiving 11 invoices in the mail.

President Trump Guilty of 11 “Felonies” for Similar to Receiving 11 Electric Bills

The Anti-Christ would surely put in place top lawsuits against his enemies with fake charges.  This would be the perfect scenario and we are seeing it today.

The Anti-Christ would flood the US and the Christian Western World with people from different cultures and beliefs.  He would do all he could to remove Jesus from the public square.

Those protesting and praying at abortion clinics would be arrested and imprisoned.  Those protesting a stolen election, manufactured by the Anti-Christ and his legions, would be killed, arrested, jailed for years without court cases, imprisoned on false charges, and tortured in jail.

Children would be taught that he human body is to be destroyed.  The male and female genders would be destroyed and spirituality surrounding the likeness of God in human beings would be ridiculed and shamed.

This discussion could go on and on.

Is Obama the Anti-Christ?  You decide. 



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