Resident Tells Riverside County, CA that Their Elections are Broken and New California Will Soon Show Them How Proper Elections Are Done | Joe Hoft


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Resident Tells Riverside County, CA that Their Elections are Broken and New California Will Soon Show Them How Proper Elections Are Done

A resident in Riverside County, CA told the County Board of Supervisors that New California will show them how elections are done properly. 

Riverside County resident Shelby Bunch shared at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting that the County’s voter rolls and election systems are broken.

She then shared that members of the effort to create the state of New California will soon be holding mock elections in the County.  This exercise will show how elections are to be run.

Here is Ms. Bunch’s presenation:

RivCo-CA Board Meeting

Nov 7, 2023

Message to the Riverside County, Ca. Board of Supervisors.

By Shelby Bunch

(Riverside County Chair for New California State)

This board knowingly kept an unqualified person in the role of registrar of voters. This board made a conscious decision NOT to provide Riverside citizens with proper elections. That fact will be addressed in the near future.

In the meantime, New California, including our team here in Riverside, will soon be conducting mock elections in each county across California. You’re welcome to come and see how proper elections are run. We’ll show you how one-day, one-ballot, in-person voting, at small precincts where ballots can be tallied in less than 2 hours, is the preferred way of voting.

Recently, another citizen and I presented the interim Registrar of Voters (ROV), Art Tinoco along with Mat Ceballos with page after page of voters who are in our rolls multiple times. How much money is being wasted on the unnecessary printing and mailing out of duplicate and triple ballots? Sheriff Bianco’s son, alone, received 5 ballots! That is inexcusable and a waste of taxpayer dollars, let alone a huge opportunity for fraud. Art and Matt explained that there are safeguards in place to keep cloned voters out of the rolls. Those safeguards are obviously not working.

There are hundreds of online sites where bad actors can register to vote. With zero control over registrations and voter rolls, Art and Matt are being set up to fail before they begin. How many double ballots or more were mailed out to voters during this current City of Perris Special Election? The ROV posted that 37,000 ballots were mailed out, and as of yesterday, only 1,736 have been returned. Do you think the remaining 35,000 voters are going to show up to vote in person today? What an extreme waste of money spent on unnecessary ballots! Sheriff Bianco’s investigation will soon show the type of fraud perpetrated by mail-in ballots.

Mr. Jeffries, you stated that if the citizens can prove machine fraud, you’ll stop using them (machines). That’s a pretty cheeky statement when you know we can’t access proprietary property. However, according to Sheriff Bianco, Dominion has been inside our Voting system, and that goes against our most basic election laws. How did they get remote access? Dominion is only to program the tabulators with candidate information. No one is ever to allow Dominion or anyone else remote access into our voting system, especially when they can’t monitor what those individuals are doing while inside it. These actions are beyond irresponsible!

Has anyone on this board ever checked to ensure the machines don’t contain cellular modems? Or ensured the machines won’t accept a fake ballot? Why hasn’t this board done everything in its power to ensure our election system is stellar? 78,000 dollars gets Riverside County out of the Dominion contract. That’s money well spent, instead of the 32 million you’re spending on voting machines without our consent.

I yield.

Watch Shelby’s presentation below:

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  1. Shelby is an absolute inspiration! Notice how they had to do it on line – otherwise, when they’re in person, they get shut down and bullied by their own city council. Joe- thank you for writing about this.


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