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Reporters Who See Video from Oct 7 Hamas Terrorist Attack Cover Their Mouths in Horror

Reporters who saw video footage of the results from the Hamas attack on Israel react in horror. 

It’s very clear that the unprovoked attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists who are backed by radical Islamist terrorist nation Iran were horrific.  Israel shared some video footage with reporters and they reacted in horror.

The JC reports:

In one piece of footage, a Hamas terrorist screams “Allah Akhbah” as he tries to behead a dead man with a shovel.

Another clip shows terrorists entering a house and talking to each other as a small girl, aged around eight, hides under a table. One of them proceeds to shoot her dead.

These clips were among the shocking footage shown to international journalists by the Israeli government on Monday to underscore the depravity of the terrorists who carried out the October 7 massacres.

One reporter shared some notes from the videos that he saw:

The invasion was unprovoked and it led to over 1,300 innocent Israelis dead.

Hamas terrorists did terribly evil things.

The video showed “scores of dead people on the road”:

This was just plain barbaric. 

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