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Rep. Mike Johnson from Louisiana May Be the One to Unite the GOP in the House

The House GOP took another vote yesterday and elected Rep. Mike Johnson for the new Speaker in the House. 

After winning the House in 2022 the GOP members in the House backed Kevin McCarthy who was a terrible choice.  He was just more of the same.  He’s like a marshmallow man, you can stick your hand right through the guy.  He had no purpose and so he would bend whereover the wind took him.

Twenty courageous members in the House challenged the McCarthy pick and ultimately agreed to back him if he did certain things.  McCarthy agreed.  Rep. Matt Gaetz was behind this move to get some things done and not more of the same.

The 2020 election had been stolen and those who protested were locked up waiting on court dates.  Some to this day have not had a court date after 1,000 days in jail.  McCarthy agreed to release all video coverage of the events on Jan 6.  He never did.

McCarthy made other promises but always sided with the communist Democrats trying to destroy this country.  Eventually this was too much and McCarthy was removed from the Speakership by a group led by Matt Gaetz.

After multiple votes behind closed doors and multiple candidates, the GOP yesterday settled on a crooked GOP Rep from Minnesota.  Even President Trump pointed out how horrible this choice was.

President Trump on RINO Speaker Pic Tom Emmer: He…Actually Spent More Time Defending Ilhan Omar, Than He Did Me”

Rep. Tom Emmer’s Speakership vote never made it to the floor.  It was DOA.

This upset the RINOs who represent a small faction of the GOP and are trying with all their might to maintain control of the GOP in the House.  They hate Americans and only want power.  Unfortunately for them, Americans want good people who will fight for freedom, justice and the future of this country.

Last night another vote was held behind closed doors and Rep. Mike Johnson from Louisiana came out the victor.  Johnson has been impressive on the House floor and appears to represent the people.  He may be the guy that the GOP will vote for together.

If you look closely you can see Rep. Matt Gaetz in the picture.

A swap between Kevin McCarthy and Mike Johnson appears to be a great win for the American people.  Let’s see what happens.  

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